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Be sure to do all of the following to help us incorporate your contribution
quickly and easily:

 - [ ] Make sure the PR title is formatted like:
   `[EAGLE-<Jira issue #>] Description of pull request`
 - [ ] Make sure tests pass via `mvn clean verify`. (Even better, enable
       Travis-CI on your fork and ensure the whole test matrix passes).
 - [ ] Replace `<Jira issue #>` in the title with the actual Jira issue
       number, if there is one.
 - [ ] If this contribution is large, please file an Apache
       [Individual Contributor License Agreement](https://www.apache.org/licenses/icla.txt).


Author: Colm O hEigeartaigh <coheigea@apache.org>

Closes #974 from coheigea/EAGLE-1072.
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Eagle Documentation Site

Welcome to the Apache Eagle documentation!


Install jekyll gem

$ gem install jekyll

Generate the site, and start a server locally:

$ jekyll serve -w

The -w option tells jekyll to watch for changes to files and regenerate the site automatically when any content changes.

Point your browser to http://localhost:4000

By default, jekyll will generate the site in a _site directory.

Editing documentations

  1. Create a markdown file and add following content in header

     layout: doc
     title:  "Eagle Overview" 
     permalink: /docs/some-new-doc.html
     More content here ..
  2. Register the link in documentations sidebar navigation

       - category: "Some category"
           - title: Some new doc
             url: /docs/some-new-doc.html

Publishing the Apache Website

In order to publish the website, you must have committer access to Eagle's subversion repository.

The Eagle website is published using Apache svnpubsub. Any changes committed to subversion will be automatically published to eagle.apache.org.

To publish changes, tell jekyll to generate the site in the publish directory of subversion, then commit the changes:

cd docs
jekyll build -d /path/to/svn/repo/publish
cd /path/to/svn/repo/publish
svn commit