Civetweb API Reference

mg_connect_websocket_client( host, port, use_ssl, error_buffer, error_buffer_size, path, origin, data_func, close_func, user-data);


hostconst char *The hostname or IP address of the server
portintThe port on the server
use_sslintUse SSL if this parameter is not equal to zero
error_bufferchar *Buffer to store an error message
error_buffer_sizesize_tSize of the error message buffer including the NUL terminator
pathconst char *The server path to connect to, for example /app if you want to connect to localhost/app
originconst char *The value of the Origin HTTP header
data_funcmg_websocket_data_handlerCallback which is used to process data coming back from the server
close_funcmg_websocket_close_handlerCallback which is called when the connection is to be closed
user_datavoid *User supplied argument

Return Value

struct mg_connection *A pointer to the connection structure, or NULL if connecting failed


The function mg_connect_websocket_client() connects to a websocket on a server as a client. Data and close events are processed with callback functions which must be provided in the call.

Civetweb supports both IPv4 and IPv6 communication, but only if the use if IPv6 has been enabled at compile time. When running an application it is possible to check if IPv6 addressing is available by calling the mg_check_feature() function with the USE_IPV6 parameter.

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