Civetweb API Reference

mg_check_feature( feature );


featureunsignedA value indicating the feature to be checked

Return Value

unsignedA value indicating if a feature is available. A positive value indicates available, while 0 is returned for an unavailable feature


The function mg_check_feature() can be called from an application program to check of specific features have been compiled in the civetweb version which the application has been linked to. The feature to check is provided as an unsigned integer parameter. If the function is available in the currently linked library version, a value > 0 is returned. Otherwise the function mg_check_feature() returns the value 0.

The following parameter values can be used:

ValueCompilation optionDescription
1NO_FILESAble to serve files. If this feature is available, the webserver is able to serve files directly from a directory tree.
2NO_SSLSupport for HTTPS. If this feature is available, the webserver van use encryption in the client-server connection. SSLv2, SSLv3, TLSv1.0, TLSv1.1 and TLSv1.2 are supported depending on the SSL library CivetWeb has been compiled with, but which protocols are used effectively when the server is running is dependent on the options used when the server is started.
4NO_CGISupport for CGI. If this feature is available, external CGI scripts can be called by the webserver.
8USE_IPV6Support IPv6. The CivetWeb library is capable of communicating over both IPv4 and IPv6, but IPv6 support is only available if it has been enabled at compile time.
16USE_WEBSOCKETSupport for web sockets. WebSockets support is available in the CivetWeb library if the proper options has been used during cimpile time.
32USE_LUASupport for Lua scripts and Lua server pages. CivetWeb supports server side scripting through the Lua language, if that has been enabled at compile time. Lua is an efficient scripting language which is less resource heavy than for example PHP.
64USE_DUKTAPESupport for server side JavaScript. Server side JavaScript can be used for dynamic page generation if the proper options have been set at compile time. Please note that client side JavaScript execution is always available if it has been enabled in the connecting browser.
128NO_CACHINGSupport for caching. The webserver will support caching, if it has not been disabled while compiling the library.

Parameter values other than the values mentioned above will give undefined results. Therefore—although the parameter values for the mg_check_feature() function are effectively bitmasks, you should't assume that combining two of those values with an OR to a new value will give any meaningful results when the function returns.

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