Civetweb API Reference

mg_connect_client_secure( client_options, error_buffer, error_buffer_size );


client_optionsconst struct mg_client_options *Settings about the server connection
error_bufferchar *Buffer to store an error message
error_buffer_sizesize_tSize of the error message buffer including the NUL terminator

Return Value

struct mg_connection *


The function mg_connect_client_secure() creates a secure connection with a server. The information about the connection and server is passed in a structure and an error message may be returned in a local buffer. The function returns a pointer to a struct mg_connection structure when successful and NULL otherwise.

Please note that IPv6 communication is supported by Civetweb, but only if the use of IPv6 was enabled at compile time. The check while running a program if IPv6 communication is possible you can call mg_check_feature() with the USE_IPV6 parameter to check if IPv6 communications can be used.

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