Civetweb API Reference

mg_connect_client( host, port, use_ssl, error_buffer, error_buffer_size );


hostconst char *hostname or IP address of the server
portintThe port to connect to on the server
use_sslintConnects using SSL of this value is not zero
error_bufferchar *Buffer to store an error message
error_buffer_sizesize_tMaximum size of the error buffer including the NUL terminator

Return Value

struct mg_connection *


The function mg_connect_client() connects to a TCP server as a client. This server can be a HTTP server but this is not necessary. The function returns a pointer to a connection structure when the connection is established and NULL otherwise. The host may be on IPv4 or IPv6, but IPv6 is not enabled in every Civetweb installation. Specifically the use of IPv6 communications has to be enabled when the library is compiled. At runtime you can use the mg_check_feature() function with the parameter USE_IPV6 to check if IPv6 communication is supported.

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