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<!-- local fs tmp working directory-->
<!-- hdfs tmp working directory-->
<!-- compiler optimization level, valid values: 0 | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4, default: 2 -->
<!-- default number of reduce tasks per MR job, default: 2 x number of nodes -->
<!-- override jvm reuse flag for specific MR jobs, valid values: true | false -->
<!-- default block dim for binary block files -->
<!-- run systemml control program as yarn appmaster, in case of MR1 always falls back to client, please disable for debug mode -->
<!-- maximum jvm heap size of the dml yarn appmaster in MB, the requested memory is 1.5x this parameter -->
<!-- maximum jvm heap size of the map/reduce tasks in MB, the requested memory is 1.5x this parameter, negative values ignored -->
<!-- yarn application submission queue, relevant for default capacity scheduler -->
<!-- enables multi-threaded matrix multiplications in singlenode control program -->
<!-- enables multi-threaded read/write of text formats in singlenode control program -->