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Apache SystemDS

Overview: SystemDS is a versatile system for the end-to-end data science lifecycle from data integration, cleaning, and feature engineering, over efficient, local and distributed ML model training, to deployment and serving. To this end, we aim to provide a stack of declarative languages with R-like syntax for (1) the different tasks of the data-science lifecycle, and (2) users with different expertise. These high-level scripts are compiled into hybrid execution plans of local, in-memory CPU and GPU operations, as well as distributed operations on Apache Spark. In contrast to existing systems - that either provide homogeneous tensors or 2D Datasets - and in order to serve the entire data science lifecycle, the underlying data model are DataTensors, i.e., tensors (multi-dimensional arrays) whose first dimension may have a heterogeneous and nested schema.

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Status and Build: SystemDS is renamed from SystemML which is an Apache Top Level Project. To build from source visit SystemDS Install from source

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