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In order to build Falcon with Maven you need to perform the following steps:
1. Get Maven ( and unpack it somewhere.
This directory is now "MAVEN_HOME". Now make sure MAVEN_HOME/bin
is on your systems path.
2. Make sure you have the following environment variables set:
FLASHPLAYER_DEBUGGER (Set to the Flash Player Debug Projector)
3. Build the project itself (without tests)
mvn install
NOTE: The build currently still relies on an unreleased version of the
flex-sdk-converter-maven-extension. Per default Maven can't find this artifact.
The file settings-template.xml is a sample settings.xml which you can use to build.
In order to build with this settings.xml by adding the "-s" parameter to the call
to maven.
Look here for examples:
mvn -s settings-template.xml clean install
mvn -s settings-template.xml clean install -DskipTests