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  1. 461a66b Fix for bad transpile with fully qualified imported function and "js=dynamic-access-unknown-members=true" by greg-dove · 2 days ago develop
  2. b043b9b prevent-rename-internal-symbols and export-internal-symbols compiler options by Josh Tynjala · 10 days ago
  3. f933e31 JSRoyaleDocEmitter, ClosureUtils: non-static public methods are now exported dynamically in release builds instead of requiring a doc comment by Josh Tynjala · 11 days ago
  4. 9087d56 JSRoyaleDocEmitter: internal-to-package members use at-package JSDoc annotation, since that's the purpose of this annotation by Josh Tynjala · 11 days ago
  5. 407b2ea royale.dependent.tests: fixes for commits 96b42e5a980c1d919d0c3a620c500f7a0aff2e9d and 10d0e0b952ff10b2f17f9db5bbc0112693befe70 by Josh Tynjala · 11 days ago
  6. 5bd59e4 JSRoyaleDocEmitter: missed protected in previous commit by Josh Tynjala · 12 days ago
  7. 10d0e0b JSRoyaleDocEmitter: consolidated at-nocollapse annotation and added it to static methods too when -prevent-rename compiler args are present by Josh Tynjala · 12 days ago
  8. 87f067e ClosureUtils: tweak export of protected accessors because AccessorEmitter doesn't use the at-export annotation at this time by Josh Tynjala · 12 days ago
  9. c6f8b4a allow more than one leading underscore in selector names by Alex Harui · 12 days ago
  10. 454123f Fix for an issue that was observed only with IDE integration (false positive DuplicateFunctionDefinition problem) by greg-dove · 12 days ago
  11. 79311df MXMLTagData: added protected setProblems() for FakeMXMLTagData to fix null exception in findMatchingEndTag() by Josh Tynjala · 2 weeks ago
  12. cad319d Added While loop missing block 'fix' to For loops, adjusted implementation to avoid GCC warning (which warns need of output of an explicit empty code block for the loop -this may be then removed again during minification). by greg-dove · 2 weeks ago
  13. e21fc8d Fix while loop without body needs correct transpile: added trailing semicolon. by greg-dove · 2 weeks ago
  14. e0ff381 oops, messed up the merge by Alex Harui · 3 weeks ago
  15. cb4b009 Merge pull request #150 from hboutemy/reproducible by aharui · 3 weeks ago
  16. 4ca1071 Merge branch 'develop' into reproducible by aharui · 3 weeks ago
  17. 4d325fb OrderSwitchesMojo. Need to release compiler-build-tools with new mojo by Alex Harui · 3 weeks ago
  18. caa35fe force order of JFlex switch statements to help with reproducible binaries by Alex Harui · 3 weeks ago
  19. 48b7cd1 Revert "changed version number" by Harbs · 4 weeks ago
  20. f01530a changed version number by Harbs · 4 weeks ago