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In order to build falcon with Maven you need to perform the following steps:
0. Get Maven ( and unpack it somewhere.
This directory is now "MAVEN_HOME". Now make sure MAVEN_HOME/bin
is on your systems path.
1. Make sure you have the following environment variables set:
2. Run the (This converts the projects directory structure to a typical maven structure)
NOTE FOR WINDOWS USERS: tun the script using gitbash
3. Build the parts needed by the build
mvn install -P utils
4. Build the project itself (without tests)
mvn install -DskipTests
If you want to run the tests make sure you have the environment variable:
FLASHPLAYER_DEBUGGER set to point to a valid flashplayer debugger executable.
If not, the test will definitely fail. Another thing you have to make
sure is that the falcon directory is added to the list of trusted locations
in the flashplayer global settings. This is described here:
As soon as that's done you can run the build with tests like this:
mvn install
NOTE: The build relies on an unreleased version of the
flex-sdk-converter-maven-extension. Per default Maven can't find this artifact.
The file settings-template.xml is a sample settings.xml which you can use to build
it will locate all downloaded files in the ".mvn/repository" directory. In order
to build with this settings.xml by adding the "-s" parameter to the call to maven.
Look here for examples:
mvn -s settings-template.xml clean install -P utils
mvn -s settings-template.xml clean install -DskipTests
mvn -s settings-template.xml clean install