[REEF-2028] A new module containing the new .Net bridge (#1477)

* [REEF-2025] A new module containing the new Java bridge

    This Jira introduces a new Java bridge for Drivers implemented in
    alternative languages. It provides the following artifacts (note: client
    driver refers to the application driver implemented in an alternative
    programming language):

	1. A generic framework for passing information between the Java driver and the client driver.
	2. A gRPC based implementation of the bridge that passes information via protocol buffers over gRPC.
	3. Protocol buffer definitions for all information that flows between the Java driver and the client driver.
	4. A Java implementation of the driver client that can be used for developing unit tests and serve as a template for implementing a driver client (say in C#).
	5. Test cases to fail based unit tests that cover the Java bridge and client.

Pull Request:
    Closes #1477
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Apache REEF™

Apache REEF™ (Retainable Evaluator Execution Framework) is a library for developing portable applications for cluster resource managers such as Apache Hadoop YARN or Apache Mesos. For example, Microsoft Azure Stream Analytics is built on REEF and Hadoop.

Online Documentation

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