NO-JIRA: [Java Client, AMQP 0-x] Remove SerialTest#testCorollary1 test.

The test seems ill-conceived.
 * The number of iterations for s seems arbitrary (67108664 = 2^26 - 100)
 * The values of n seem arbitrary (0+1, 512+1, 1024+1, 1536+1, ..., 3585)
 * Though arbitrary the values of n have a very specific bit pattern of 10..01
 * s is always incremented by 1024 leading to a very predictable bit pattern in s.
   Namely the 10 least significant bits are always zero.
 * Given the iteration count and the increment the same values of s are tested 16 times!!!
 * Given the above it seems to not focus on interesting corner cases nor is it an exhaustive test.

In addition to all the above it runs for almost 5 minutes on my box accounting for 80% of all tests.
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