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#!/usr/bin/env bash
#(c) 2004-present, Facebook Inc. All rights reserved.
#see LICENSE file for more information on use/redistribution rights.
#dbench_monitor: monitor db_bench process for violation of memory utilization
#default usage will monitor 'virtual memory size'. See below for standard options
#passed to db_bench during this test.
# See also: ./pflag for the actual monitoring script that does the work
# You may end up with some /tmp/ files if db_bench OR
# this script OR ./pflag was killed unceremoniously
# If you see the script taking a long time, trying "kill"
# will usually cleanly exit.
DIR=`dirname $0`
LOG=/tmp/`basename $0`.$$
usage() {
cat <<HELP; exit
Usage: $0 [-h]
-h: prints this help message
This program will run the db_bench script to monitor memory usage
using the 'pflag' program. It launches db_bench with default settings
for certain arguments. You can change the defaults passed to
'db_bench' program, by setting the following environment
bs [block_size]
ztype [compression_type]
benches [benchmarks]
reads [reads]
threads [threads]
cs [cache_size]
vsize [value_size]
comp [compression_ratio]
num [num]
See the code for more info
[ ! -x ${DB_BENCH} ] && echo "WARNING: ${DB_BENCH} doesn't exist, abort!" && exit -1;
[ "x$1" = "x-h" ] && usage;
trap 'rm -f ${LOG}; kill ${PID}; echo "Interrupted, exiting";' 1 2 3 15
touch $LOG;
: ${bs:=16384}
: ${ztype:=zlib}
: ${benches:=readwhilewriting}
: ${reads:=$((1*1024*1024))};
: ${threads:=8}
: ${vsize:=2000}
: ${comp:=0.5}
: ${num:=10000}
: ${cs:=$((1*1024*1024*1024))};
DEBUG=1 #Set to 0 to remove chattiness
if [ "x$DEBUG" != "x" ]; then
#NOTE: under some circumstances, --use_existing_db may leave LOCK files under ${TMPDIR}/rocksdb/*
#cleanup the dir and re-run
echo DEBUG: Will run $DB_BENCH --block_size=$bs --compression_type=$ztype --benchmarks="$benches" --reads="$reads" --threads="$threads" --cache_size=$cs --value_size=$vsize --compression_ratio=$comp --num=$num --use_existing_db
$DB_BENCH --block_size=$bs --compression_type=$ztype --benchmarks="$benches" --reads="$reads" --threads="$threads" --cache_size=$cs --value_size=$vsize --compression_ratio=$comp --num=$num --use_existing_db >$LOG 2>&1 &
if [ $? -ne 0 ]; then
warn "WARNING: ${DB_BENCH} did not launch successfully! Abort!";
#Start the monitoring. Default is "vsz" monitoring for upto cache_size ($cs) value of virtual mem
#You could also monitor RSS and CPUTIME (bsdtime). Try 'pflag -h' for how to do this
${PFLAG} -p $PID -v
rm -f $LOG;