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// Copyright (c) 2011 The LevelDB Authors. All rights reserved.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style license that can be
// found in the LICENSE file. See the AUTHORS file for names of contributors.
#pragma once
#include <map>
#include <string>
#include "rocksdb/db.h"
#ifdef _WIN32
// Windows API macro interference
#undef DeleteFile
namespace rocksdb {
// This class contains APIs to stack rocksdb wrappers.Eg. Stack TTL over base d
class StackableDB : public DB {
// StackableDB is the owner of db now!
explicit StackableDB(DB* db) : db_(db) {}
~StackableDB() {
delete db_;
virtual DB* GetBaseDB() {
return db_;
virtual DB* GetRootDB() override { return db_->GetRootDB(); }
virtual Status CreateColumnFamily(const ColumnFamilyOptions& options,
const std::string& column_family_name,
ColumnFamilyHandle** handle) override {
return db_->CreateColumnFamily(options, column_family_name, handle);
virtual Status CreateColumnFamilies(
const ColumnFamilyOptions& options,
const std::vector<std::string>& column_family_names,
std::vector<ColumnFamilyHandle*>* handles) override {
return db_->CreateColumnFamilies(options, column_family_names, handles);
virtual Status CreateColumnFamilies(
const std::vector<ColumnFamilyDescriptor>& column_families,
std::vector<ColumnFamilyHandle*>* handles) override {
return db_->CreateColumnFamilies(column_families, handles);
virtual Status DropColumnFamily(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family) override {
return db_->DropColumnFamily(column_family);
virtual Status DropColumnFamilies(
const std::vector<ColumnFamilyHandle*>& column_families) override {
return db_->DropColumnFamilies(column_families);
virtual Status DestroyColumnFamilyHandle(
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family) override {
return db_->DestroyColumnFamilyHandle(column_family);
using DB::Put;
virtual Status Put(const WriteOptions& options,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family, const Slice& key,
const Slice& val) override {
return db_->Put(options, column_family, key, val);
using DB::Get;
virtual Status Get(const ReadOptions& options,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family, const Slice& key,
PinnableSlice* value) override {
return db_->Get(options, column_family, key, value);
using DB::MultiGet;
virtual std::vector<Status> MultiGet(
const ReadOptions& options,
const std::vector<ColumnFamilyHandle*>& column_family,
const std::vector<Slice>& keys,
std::vector<std::string>* values) override {
return db_->MultiGet(options, column_family, keys, values);
using DB::IngestExternalFile;
virtual Status IngestExternalFile(
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const std::vector<std::string>& external_files,
const IngestExternalFileOptions& options) override {
return db_->IngestExternalFile(column_family, external_files, options);
virtual Status VerifyChecksum() override { return db_->VerifyChecksum(); }
using DB::KeyMayExist;
virtual bool KeyMayExist(const ReadOptions& options,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family, const Slice& key,
std::string* value,
bool* value_found = nullptr) override {
return db_->KeyMayExist(options, column_family, key, value, value_found);
using DB::Delete;
virtual Status Delete(const WriteOptions& wopts,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Slice& key) override {
return db_->Delete(wopts, column_family, key);
using DB::SingleDelete;
virtual Status SingleDelete(const WriteOptions& wopts,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Slice& key) override {
return db_->SingleDelete(wopts, column_family, key);
using DB::Merge;
virtual Status Merge(const WriteOptions& options,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family, const Slice& key,
const Slice& value) override {
return db_->Merge(options, column_family, key, value);
virtual Status Write(const WriteOptions& opts, WriteBatch* updates)
override {
return db_->Write(opts, updates);
using DB::NewIterator;
virtual Iterator* NewIterator(const ReadOptions& opts,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family) override {
return db_->NewIterator(opts, column_family);
virtual Status NewIterators(
const ReadOptions& options,
const std::vector<ColumnFamilyHandle*>& column_families,
std::vector<Iterator*>* iterators) override {
return db_->NewIterators(options, column_families, iterators);
virtual const Snapshot* GetSnapshot() override {
return db_->GetSnapshot();
virtual void ReleaseSnapshot(const Snapshot* snapshot) override {
return db_->ReleaseSnapshot(snapshot);
using DB::GetMapProperty;
using DB::GetProperty;
virtual bool GetProperty(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Slice& property, std::string* value) override {
return db_->GetProperty(column_family, property, value);
virtual bool GetMapProperty(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Slice& property,
std::map<std::string, double>* value) override {
return db_->GetMapProperty(column_family, property, value);
using DB::GetIntProperty;
virtual bool GetIntProperty(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Slice& property, uint64_t* value) override {
return db_->GetIntProperty(column_family, property, value);
using DB::GetAggregatedIntProperty;
virtual bool GetAggregatedIntProperty(const Slice& property,
uint64_t* value) override {
return db_->GetAggregatedIntProperty(property, value);
using DB::GetApproximateSizes;
virtual void GetApproximateSizes(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Range* r, int n, uint64_t* sizes,
uint8_t include_flags
= INCLUDE_FILES) override {
return db_->GetApproximateSizes(column_family, r, n, sizes,
using DB::GetApproximateMemTableStats;
virtual void GetApproximateMemTableStats(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Range& range,
uint64_t* const count,
uint64_t* const size) override {
return db_->GetApproximateMemTableStats(column_family, range, count, size);
using DB::CompactRange;
virtual Status CompactRange(const CompactRangeOptions& options,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Slice* begin, const Slice* end) override {
return db_->CompactRange(options, column_family, begin, end);
using DB::CompactFiles;
virtual Status CompactFiles(
const CompactionOptions& compact_options,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const std::vector<std::string>& input_file_names,
const int output_level, const int output_path_id = -1) override {
return db_->CompactFiles(
compact_options, column_family, input_file_names,
output_level, output_path_id);
virtual Status PauseBackgroundWork() override {
return db_->PauseBackgroundWork();
virtual Status ContinueBackgroundWork() override {
return db_->ContinueBackgroundWork();
virtual Status EnableAutoCompaction(
const std::vector<ColumnFamilyHandle*>& column_family_handles) override {
return db_->EnableAutoCompaction(column_family_handles);
using DB::NumberLevels;
virtual int NumberLevels(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family) override {
return db_->NumberLevels(column_family);
using DB::MaxMemCompactionLevel;
virtual int MaxMemCompactionLevel(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family)
override {
return db_->MaxMemCompactionLevel(column_family);
using DB::Level0StopWriteTrigger;
virtual int Level0StopWriteTrigger(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family)
override {
return db_->Level0StopWriteTrigger(column_family);
virtual const std::string& GetName() const override {
return db_->GetName();
virtual Env* GetEnv() const override {
return db_->GetEnv();
using DB::GetOptions;
virtual Options GetOptions(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family) const override {
return db_->GetOptions(column_family);
using DB::GetDBOptions;
virtual DBOptions GetDBOptions() const override {
return db_->GetDBOptions();
using DB::Flush;
virtual Status Flush(const FlushOptions& fopts,
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family) override {
return db_->Flush(fopts, column_family);
virtual Status SyncWAL() override {
return db_->SyncWAL();
virtual Status FlushWAL(bool sync) override { return db_->FlushWAL(sync); }
virtual Status DisableFileDeletions() override {
return db_->DisableFileDeletions();
virtual Status EnableFileDeletions(bool force) override {
return db_->EnableFileDeletions(force);
virtual void GetLiveFilesMetaData(
std::vector<LiveFileMetaData>* metadata) override {
virtual void GetColumnFamilyMetaData(
ColumnFamilyHandle *column_family,
ColumnFamilyMetaData* cf_meta) override {
db_->GetColumnFamilyMetaData(column_family, cf_meta);
#endif // ROCKSDB_LITE
virtual Status GetLiveFiles(std::vector<std::string>& vec, uint64_t* mfs,
bool flush_memtable = true) override {
return db_->GetLiveFiles(vec, mfs, flush_memtable);
virtual SequenceNumber GetLatestSequenceNumber() const override {
return db_->GetLatestSequenceNumber();
virtual Status GetSortedWalFiles(VectorLogPtr& files) override {
return db_->GetSortedWalFiles(files);
virtual Status DeleteFile(std::string name) override {
return db_->DeleteFile(name);
virtual Status GetDbIdentity(std::string& identity) const override {
return db_->GetDbIdentity(identity);
using DB::SetOptions;
virtual Status SetOptions(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family_handle,
const std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string>&
new_options) override {
return db_->SetOptions(column_family_handle, new_options);
virtual Status SetDBOptions(
const std::unordered_map<std::string, std::string>& new_options)
override {
return db_->SetDBOptions(new_options);
using DB::ResetStats;
virtual Status ResetStats() override { return db_->ResetStats(); }
using DB::GetPropertiesOfAllTables;
virtual Status GetPropertiesOfAllTables(
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
TablePropertiesCollection* props) override {
return db_->GetPropertiesOfAllTables(column_family, props);
using DB::GetPropertiesOfTablesInRange;
virtual Status GetPropertiesOfTablesInRange(
ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family, const Range* range, std::size_t n,
TablePropertiesCollection* props) override {
return db_->GetPropertiesOfTablesInRange(column_family, range, n, props);
virtual Status GetUpdatesSince(
SequenceNumber seq_number, unique_ptr<TransactionLogIterator>* iter,
const TransactionLogIterator::ReadOptions& read_options) override {
return db_->GetUpdatesSince(seq_number, iter, read_options);
virtual Status SuggestCompactRange(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
const Slice* begin,
const Slice* end) override {
return db_->SuggestCompactRange(column_family, begin, end);
virtual Status PromoteL0(ColumnFamilyHandle* column_family,
int target_level) override {
return db_->PromoteL0(column_family, target_level);
virtual ColumnFamilyHandle* DefaultColumnFamily() const override {
return db_->DefaultColumnFamily();
DB* db_;
} // namespace rocksdb