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This directory contains the hdfs extensions needed to make rocksdb store
files in HDFS.
It has been compiled and testing against CDH 4.4 (2.0.0+1475-1.cdh4.4.0.p0.23~precise-cdh4.4.0).
The configuration assumes that packages libhdfs0, libhdfs0-dev are
installed which basically means that hdfs.h is in /usr/include and libhdfs in /usr/lib
The env_hdfs.h file defines the rocksdb objects that are needed to talk to an
underlying filesystem.
If you want to compile rocksdb with hdfs support, please set the following
environment variables appropriately (also defined in for convenience)
make clean all db_bench
To run dbbench,
set CLASSPATH to include your hadoop distribution
db_bench --hdfs="hdfs://"