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* @file ManipulateArchive.cpp
* ManipulateArchive class implementation
* Licensed to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) under one or more
* contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
* this work for additional information regarding copyright ownership.
* The ASF licenses this file to You under the Apache License, Version 2.0
* (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
* the License. You may obtain a copy of the License at
* Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
* distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
* See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
* limitations under the License.
#include <string.h>
#include <iostream>
#include <fstream>
#include <memory>
#include <string>
#include <set>
#include <list>
#include <archive.h>
#include <archive_entry.h>
#include "ManipulateArchive.h"
#include "Exception.h"
#include "core/ProcessContext.h"
#include "core/ProcessSession.h"
#include "core/FlowFile.h"
#include "utils/file/FileManager.h"
namespace org {
namespace apache {
namespace nifi {
namespace minifi {
namespace processors {
core::Property ManipulateArchive::Operation("Operation", "Operation to perform on the archive (touch, remove, copy, move).", "");
core::Property ManipulateArchive::Target("Target", "An existing entry within the archive to perform the operation on.", "");
core::Property ManipulateArchive::Destination("Destination", "Destination for operations (touch, move or copy) which result in new entries.", "");
core::Property ManipulateArchive::Before("Before", "For operations which result in new entries, places the new entry before the entry specified by this property.", "");
core::Property ManipulateArchive::After("After", "For operations which result in new entries, places the new entry after the entry specified by this property.", "");
core::Relationship ManipulateArchive::Success("success", "FlowFiles will be transferred to the success relationship if the operation succeeds.");
core::Relationship ManipulateArchive::Failure("failure", "FlowFiles will be transferred to the failure relationship if the operation fails.");
char const* ManipulateArchive::OPERATION_REMOVE = "remove";
char const* ManipulateArchive::OPERATION_COPY = "copy";
char const* ManipulateArchive::OPERATION_MOVE = "move";
char const* ManipulateArchive::OPERATION_TOUCH = "touch";
void ManipulateArchive::initialize() {
//! Set the supported properties
std::set<core::Property> properties;
//! Set the supported relationships
std::set<core::Relationship> relationships;
void ManipulateArchive::onSchedule(core::ProcessContext *context, core::ProcessSessionFactory *sessionFactory) {
context->getProperty(Operation.getName(), operation_);
bool invalid = false;
std::transform(operation_.begin(), operation_.end(), operation_.begin(), ::tolower);
bool op_create = operation_ == OPERATION_COPY ||
operation_ == OPERATION_MOVE ||
operation_ == OPERATION_TOUCH;
// Operation must be one of copy, move, touch or remove
if(!op_create && (operation_ != OPERATION_REMOVE)) {
logger_->log_error("Invalid operation %s for ManipulateArchive.", operation_);
invalid = true;
context->getProperty(Target.getName(), targetEntry_);
context->getProperty(Destination.getName(), destination_);
context->getProperty(Before.getName(), before_);
context->getProperty(After.getName(), after_);
// All operations which create new entries require a set destination
if(op_create == destination_.empty()) {
logger_->log_error("ManipulateArchive requires a destination for %s.", operation_);
invalid = true;
// The only operation that doesn't require an existing target is touch
if((operation_ == OPERATION_TOUCH) != targetEntry_.empty()) {
logger_->log_error("ManipulateArchive requires a target for %s.", operation_);
invalid = true;
// Users may specify one or none of before or after, but never both.
if(before_.size() && after_.size()) {
logger_->log_error("ManipulateArchive: cannot specify both before and after.");
invalid = true;
if(invalid) {
throw Exception(GENERAL_EXCEPTION, "Invalid ManipulateArchive configuration");
void ManipulateArchive::onTrigger(core::ProcessContext *context, core::ProcessSession *session) {
std::shared_ptr<core::FlowFile> flowFile = session->get();
if (!flowFile) {
ArchiveMetadata archiveMetadata;
fileutils::FileManager file_man;
FocusArchiveEntry::ReadCallback readCallback(this, &file_man, &archiveMetadata);
session->read(flowFile, &readCallback);
auto entries_end = archiveMetadata.entryMetadata.end();
auto target_position = archiveMetadata.find(targetEntry_);
if (target_position == entries_end && operation_ != OPERATION_TOUCH) {
logger_->log_warn("ManipulateArchive could not find entry %s to %s!",
targetEntry_, operation_);
session->transfer(flowFile, Failure);
} else {
logger_->log_info("ManipulateArchive found %s for %s.",
targetEntry_, operation_);
if (!destination_.empty()) {
auto dest_position = archiveMetadata.find(destination_);
if (dest_position != entries_end) {
logger_->log_warn("ManipulateArchive cannot perform %s to existing destination_ %s!",
operation_, destination_);
session->transfer(flowFile, Failure);
auto position = entries_end;
// Small speedup for when neither before or after are provided or needed
if ((!before_.empty() || !after_.empty()) && operation_ != OPERATION_REMOVE) {
std::string positionEntry = after_.empty() ? before_ : after_;
position = archiveMetadata.find(positionEntry);
if (position == entries_end)
logger_->log_warn("ManipulateArchive could not find entry %s to "
"perform %s %s; appending to end of archive...",
positionEntry, operation_,
after_.empty() ? "before" : "after");
logger_->log_info("ManipulateArchive found entry %s to %s %s.",
positionEntry, operation_,
after_.empty() ? "before" : "after");
if (!after_.empty() && position != entries_end)
if (operation_ == OPERATION_REMOVE) {
target_position = archiveMetadata.eraseEntry(target_position);
} else if (operation_ == OPERATION_COPY) {
ArchiveEntryMetadata copy = *target_position;
// Copy tmp file
const auto origTmpFileName = copy.tmpFileName;
const auto newTmpFileName = file_man.unique_file(false);
copy.tmpFileName = newTmpFileName;
std::ifstream src(origTmpFileName, std::ios::binary);
std::ofstream dst(newTmpFileName, std::ios::binary);
dst << src.rdbuf();
copy.entryName = destination_;
archiveMetadata.entryMetadata.insert(position, copy);
} else if (operation_ == OPERATION_MOVE) {
ArchiveEntryMetadata moveEntry = *target_position;
target_position = archiveMetadata.eraseEntry(target_position);
moveEntry.entryName = destination_;
archiveMetadata.entryMetadata.insert(position, moveEntry);
} else if (operation_ == OPERATION_TOUCH) {
ArchiveEntryMetadata touchEntry;
touchEntry.entryName = destination_;
touchEntry.entryType = AE_IFREG;
touchEntry.entrySize = 0;
touchEntry.entryMTime = time(nullptr);
touchEntry.entryMTimeNsec = 0;
touchEntry.entryUID = 0;
touchEntry.entryGID = 0;
touchEntry.entryPerm = 0777;
archiveMetadata.entryMetadata.insert(position, touchEntry);
UnfocusArchiveEntry::WriteCallback writeCallback(&archiveMetadata);
session->write(flowFile, &writeCallback);
session->transfer(flowFile, Success);
} /* namespace processors */
} /* namespace minifi */
} /* namespace nifi */
} /* namespace apache */
} /* namespace org */