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<h3>Kafka 0.11.0 Documentation</h3>
Prior releases: <a href="/07/documentation.html">0.7.x</a>, <a href="/08/documentation.html">0.8.0</a>, <a href="/081/documentation.html">0.8.1.X</a>, <a href="/082/documentation.html">0.8.2.X</a>, <a href="/090/documentation.html">0.9.0.X</a>, <a href="/0100/documentation.html">0.10.0.X</a>, <a href="/0101/documentation.html">0.10.1.X</a>, <a href="/0102/documentation.html">0.10.2.X</a>.
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<h2><a id="gettingStarted" href="#gettingStarted">1. Getting Started</a></h2>
<h3><a id="introduction" href="#introduction">1.1 Introduction</a></h3>
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<h3><a id="uses" href="#uses">1.2 Use Cases</a></h3>
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<h3><a id="quickstart" href="#quickstart">1.3 Quick Start</a></h3>
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<h3><a id="ecosystem" href="#ecosystem">1.4 Ecosystem</a></h3>
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<h3><a id="upgrade" href="#upgrade">1.5 Upgrading From Previous Versions</a></h3>
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<h2><a id="api" href="#api">2. APIs</a></h2>
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<h2><a id="configuration" href="#configuration">3. Configuration</a></h2>
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<h2><a id="design" href="#design">4. Design</a></h2>
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<h2><a id="implementation" href="#implementation">5. Implementation</a></h2>
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<h2><a id="operations" href="#operations">6. Operations</a></h2>
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<h2><a id="security" href="#security">7. Security</a></h2>
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<h2><a id="connect" href="#connect">8. Kafka Connect</a></h2>
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<h2><a id="streams" href="/0110/documentation/streams">9. Kafka Streams</a></h2>
Kafka Streams is a client library for processing and analyzing data stored in Kafka. It builds upon important stream processing concepts such as properly distinguishing between event time and processing time, windowing support, exactly-once processing semantics and simple yet efficient management of application state.
Kafka Streams has a <b>low barrier to entry</b>: You can quickly write and run a small-scale proof-of-concept on a single machine; and you only need to run additional instances of your application on multiple machines to scale up to high-volume production workloads. Kafka Streams transparently handles the load balancing of multiple instances of the same application by leveraging Kafka's parallelism model.
<p>Learn More about Kafka Streams read <a href="/0110/documentation/streams">this</a> Section.</p>
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