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  1. 69cb5b1 MINOR: Use archive repository for older releases (#589) by Mickael Maison · 5 days ago asf-site
  2. 7ae222e MINOR: Update JDK 8 to JDK 11 in the blog post snippet for KIP-1013 by Stanislav · 7 days ago
  3. 44dc6c3 3.7: Add blog post for Kafka 3.7 (#578) by Stanislav Kozlovski · 7 days ago
  4. cc472c4 37: Update default docs to point to the 3.7.0 release docs (#582) by Stanislav Kozlovski · 7 days ago
  5. 7eab09f 37: Add download section for the latest 3.7 release (#583) by Stanislav Kozlovski · 7 days ago

How to preview documentation changes locally?

The documentation can be hosted on a local webserver via httpd.

You can run it with the following command, note that it requires docker:


Then you can open localhost:8080 on your browser and browse the documentation.

To kill the process, just type ctrl + c