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"License"); you may not use this file except in compliance
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package org.apache.griffin.measure.step.transform
import java.util.Date
import org.apache.spark.sql.{Encoders, Row, _}
import org.apache.spark.sql.types._
import org.apache.griffin.measure.context.ContextId
import org.apache.griffin.measure.context.streaming.metric._
import org.apache.griffin.measure.context.streaming.metric.CacheResults.CacheResult
import org.apache.griffin.measure.step.builder.ConstantColumns
import org.apache.griffin.measure.utils.ParamUtil._
* pre-defined data frame operations
object DataFrameOps {
final val _fromJson = "from_json"
final val _accuracy = "accuracy"
final val _clear = "clear"
object AccuracyOprKeys {
val _dfName = ""
val _miss = "miss"
val _total = "total"
val _matched = "matched"
val _matchedFraction = "matchedFraction"
def fromJson(sparkSession: SparkSession,
inputDfName: String,
details: Map[String, Any]): DataFrame = {
val _colName = ""
val colNameOpt = details.get(_colName).map(_.toString)
implicit val encoder = Encoders.STRING
val df: DataFrame = sparkSession.table(s"`${inputDfName}`")
val rdd = colNameOpt match {
case Some(colName: String) => => r.getAs[String](colName))
case _ =>[String](0))
} // slow process
def accuracy(sparkSession: SparkSession,
inputDfName: String,
contextId: ContextId,
details: Map[String, Any]): DataFrame = {
import AccuracyOprKeys._
val miss = details.getStringOrKey(_miss)
val total = details.getStringOrKey(_total)
val matched = details.getStringOrKey(_matched)
val matchedFraction = details.getStringOrKey(_matchedFraction)
val updateTime = new Date().getTime
def getLong(r: Row, k: String): Option[Long] = {
try {
} catch {
case e: Throwable => None
val df = sparkSession.table(s"`${inputDfName}`")
val results = df.rdd.flatMap { row =>
try {
val tmst = getLong(row, ConstantColumns.tmst).getOrElse(contextId.timestamp)
val missCount = getLong(row, miss).getOrElse(0L)
val totalCount = getLong(row, total).getOrElse(0L)
val ar = AccuracyMetric(missCount, totalCount)
if (ar.isLegal) Some((tmst, ar)) else None
} catch {
case e: Throwable => None
// cache and update results
val updatedResults = CacheResults.update({ pair =>
val (t, r) = pair
CacheResult(t, updateTime, r)
// generate metrics
val schema = StructType(Array(
StructField(ConstantColumns.tmst, LongType),
StructField(miss, LongType),
StructField(total, LongType),
StructField(matched, LongType),
StructField(matchedFraction, DoubleType),
StructField(ConstantColumns.record, BooleanType),
StructField(ConstantColumns.empty, BooleanType)
val rows = { r =>
val ar = r.result.asInstanceOf[AccuracyMetric]
Row(r.timeStamp, ar.miss,, ar.getMatch, ar.matchFraction, !ar.initial, ar.eventual)
val rowRdd = sparkSession.sparkContext.parallelize(rows)
val retDf = sparkSession.createDataFrame(rowRdd, schema)
def clear(sparkSession: SparkSession, inputDfName: String, details: Map[String, Any]): DataFrame = {
val df = sparkSession.table(s"`${inputDfName}`")
val emptyRdd = sparkSession.sparkContext.emptyRDD[Row]
sparkSession.createDataFrame(emptyRdd, df.schema)