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What is it?
Batik is a Java based toolkit for applications which handle
images in the Scalable Vector Graphics (SVG) format for
various purposes, such as viewing, generation or
The project's ambition is to give developers a set of core
modules which can be used together or individually to
support specific SVG solutions. Examples of modules are
an SVG parser, an SVG generator and an SVG DOM
implementation. Another ambition of the Batik project is to
make it highly extensible (for example, Batik allows the
developer to handle custom SVG tags). Even though the
goal of the project is to provide a set of core modules, one
of the deliveries is a full fledged SVG Viewer
implementation which validates the various modules and
their inter-operability.
In a nutshell, Batik provides building blocks that developers
can assemble in various ways in their Java technology
applications to generate, parse, view or convert SVG
contents. For example, Batik contains a Swing component
that can add SVG viewing capability to all Java technology
applications. Batik can also be used to generate SVG on a
client or on a server, and Batik can convert SVG content
into other formats such as JPEG or PNG. Batik's goal is to
make it easy for application developers to handle SVG
content for various purposes, client-side or server-side.
Where is it?
The home page for the Apache Batik project can be found in the Apache XML
Project web site ( There you also find
information on how to download the latest release as well as all the other
information you might need regarding this project.
o A Java 1.3 or later compatible virtual machine for your operating system.
Optional Libraries
By default, Batik includes a scripting engine for ECMAScript. It is possible
to add support for additional scripting languages (Python and TCL).
See for
Installation Instructions and Documentation
Read the Install page at
for the installation instructions.
Look for the most updated documentation on the Apache Batik web site under
the Apache XML Graphics Project (
Licensing and legal issues
For legal and licensing issues, please read the LICENSE and NOTICE files.
Thanks for using Apache Batik.
The Apache XML Graphics Project