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* contributor license agreements. See the NOTICE file distributed with
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* (the "License"); you may not use this file except in compliance with
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package filter
// TpsLimitStrategy defines how to do the TPS limiting in method level.
* please register your implementation by invoking SetTpsLimitStrategy
* "UserProvider":
* registry: "hangzhouzk"
* protocol : "dubbo"
* interface : "com.ikurento.user.UserProvider"
* ... # other configuration
* tps.limiter: "method-service" # the name of limiter
* tps.limit.strategy: "name of implementation" # service-level
* methods:
* - name: "GetUser"
* tps.interval: 3000
* tps.limit.strategy: "name of implementation" # method-level
type TpsLimitStrategy interface {
// IsAllowable will return true if this invocation is not over limitation
IsAllowable() bool
// TpsLimitStrategyCreator is the creator abstraction for TpsLimitStrategy
type TpsLimitStrategyCreator interface {
// Create will create an instance of TpsLimitStrategy
// It will be a little hard to understand this method.
// The unit of interval is ms
// for example, if the limit = 100, interval = 1000
// which means that the tps limitation is 100 times per 1000ms (100/1000ms)
Create(limit int, interval int) TpsLimitStrategy