Go Implementation For Apache Dubbo .

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Apache Dubbo for Golang

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Apache Dubbo is an easy-to-use Web and RPC framework that provides multiple language implementations(Go, Java, Rust, Node.js, Web) for communication, service discovery, traffic management, observability, security, tools, and best practices for building enterprise-ready microservices.

Dubbo-go is the Go implementation of triple protocol(a fully gRPC compatible and HTTP-friendly protocol) and the various features for building microservice architecture designed by Dubbo.

Visit the official website for more information.

Getting started

You can learn how to develop a dubbo-go RPC application step by step in 5 minutes by following our Quick Start demo.

It's as simple as the code shown below, you define a service with Protobuf, provide your own service implementation, register it to a server, and start the server.

func (srv *GreetTripleServer) Greet(ctx context.Context, req *greet.GreetRequest) (*greet.GreetResponse, error) {
	resp := &greet.GreetResponse{Greeting: req.Name}
	return resp, nil

func main() {
	srv, _ := server.NewServer(

	_ := greet.RegisterGreetServiceHandler(srv, &GreetTripleServer{})

	if err := srv.Serve(); err != nil {

After the server is up and running, call your service via cURL:

curl \
    --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
    --data '{"name": "Dubbo"}' \

Or, you can start a standard dubbo-go client to call the service:

func main() {
	cli, _ := client.NewClient(

	svc, _ := greet.NewGreetService(cli)

	resp, _ := svc.Greet(context.Background(), &greet.GreetRequest{Name: "hello world"})
	logger.Infof("Greet response: %s", resp.Greeting)

See the samples for detailed information on usage. Next, learn how to deploy, monitor and manage the traffic of your dubbo-go application by visiting the official website.



  • RPC Protocols: Triple, gRPC compatible and HTTP-friendly
  • Service Discovery: Nacos, Zookeeper, Etcd, Polaris-mesh, Consul.
  • Load Balance: Adaptive, Random, RoundRobin, LeastActive, ConsistentHash
  • Traffic Management: traffic split, timeout, rate limiting, canary release
  • Configuration: yaml file, dynamic configuration(Nacos, Zookeeper, etc.).
  • Observability: metrics(Prometheus, Grafana) and tracing(Jaeger, Zipkin).
  • HA Strategy: Failover, Failfast, Failsafe/Failback, Available, Broadcast, Forking



Please visit CONTRIBUTING for details on submitting patches and the contribution workflow.


User List

If you are using apache/dubbo-go and think that it helps you or want to contribute code for Dubbo-go, please add your company to the user list to let us know your needs.

See more user cases


Apache Dubbo-go software is licensed under the Apache License Version 2.0. See the LICENSE file for details.