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Dubbo Admin

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Dubbo Admin is a console for better visualization of Dubbo services, it provides fully support for Dubbo3 and is compatible with 2.7.x, 2.6.x and 2.5.x.


There are four ways to deploy Dubbo Admin to a production environment

  1. Linux with Admin
  2. Docker with Admin
  3. Kubernetes with Admin
  4. Helm with Admin

Choose either method based on your environment, where Helm is the recommended installation method because Helm can be installed with a single click and automatically helps manage all of Admin's required production environment dependencies.

1.1 Linux with Admin

  1. Download code: git clone
  2. dubbo-admin-server/src/main/resources/ Designated Registration Center Address
  3. Build
    • mvn clean package -Dmaven.test.skip=true
  4. Start
    • mvn --projects dubbo-admin-server spring-boot:run or
    • cd dubbo-admin-distribution/target; java -jar dubbo-admin-${project.version}.jar
  5. Visit http://localhost:38080

1.2 Docker with Admin

Admin image hosting at:

1, the following registry address is the docker run zookeeper registry address, modify the file default parameters, such as registry address, etc. 2、Get the zookeeper registry address through docker inspect. 3.Change registry address to your current docker running zookeeper registry address.

  admin.registry.address: zookeeper://
  admin.config-center: zookeeper://
  admin.metadata-report.address: zookeeper://

docker start

$ docker run -p 38080:38080 --name dubbo-admin -d dubbo-admin

Visit http://localhost:38080

1.3 Kubernetes with Admin

1. Download Kubernetes manifests

$ git clone

Switch to the ‘deploy/k8s’ directory to see the Admin kubernetes resource file

$ cd /dubbo-admin/deploy/kubernetes

2. Install Dubbo Admin

modify Parameter configuration in configmap.yaml ,Just define the parameters to be overwritten。

Run the following command:

$ kubectl apply -f ./

3. Visit Admin

$ kubectl port-forward service dubbo-admin 38080:38080

Visit http://localhost:38080

1.4 Helm with Admin

There are two ways to run Admin through Help. They have the same effect, so you can choose any of the following.

1.4.1 Run Admin based on Chart source file

1. Download chart source file

clone Dubbo Admin project storehouse:

$ git clone

Switch from the warehouse root directory to the following directory deploy/charts/dubbo-admin

$ cd dubbo-admin/deploy/charts/dubbo-admin

2. Install helm chart

Start parameters of Admin so that Admin can connect to the real production environment registry or configuration center. You can specify a custom configuration file through the following -f help parameter:

  admin.registry.address: zookeeper://zookeeper:2181
  admin.config-center: zookeeper://zookeeper:2181
  admin.metadata-report.address: zookeeper://zookeeper:2181

zookeeper://zookeeper:2181 Visit address of the Kubernetes Cluster registration center zookeeper。

$ helm install dubbo-admin -f values.yaml .

properties The content specified in the field will be overwritten Admin Specified default configuration,In addition to ‘properties’, you can customize other properties defined by Admin help chart,Here is availableComplete parameters

3. Visit Admin


1.4.2 Run Admin based on Chart warehouse

1. Add helm chart (Temporarily unavailable)

$ helm repo add dubbo-charts
$ helm repo update

2. Install helm chart

$ helm install dubbo-admin dubbo-charts/dubbo-admin

reference resources 1.4.1 Run Admin based on Chart warehouse Learn how to customize installation parameters.

$ helm install dubbo-admin -f properties.yaml dubbo-charts/dubbo-admin

3. Visit Dubbo Admin

Dubbo Admin Now that the installation should be successful, run the following command to obtain the access address:

$ kubectl --namespace default port-forward service/dubbo-admin 38080:38080


2. Want To Contribute

Below contains the description of the project structure for developers who want to contribute to make Dubbo Admin better.

2.1 Admin UI

  • Vue.js and Vue Cli

  • dubbo-admin-ui/ for more detail

  • Set npm proxy mirror:

    If you have network issue, you can set npm proxy mirror to speedup npm install:

    add registry= to ~/.npmrc

2.2 Admin Server

2.3 Setting up a local developing environment

  • Run admin server project

    backend is a standard spring boot project, you can run it in any java IDE

  • Run admin ui project

    at directory dubbo-admin-ui, run with npm run dev.

  • visit web page

    visit http://localhost:38082, frontend supports hot reload.

3 License

Apache Dubbo admin is under the Apache 2.0 license, Version 2.0. See LICENSE for full license text.