The ops and reference implementation for Apache Dubbo

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此分支是 Dubbo Admin 正在基于 Go 语言重构的开发分支,目前仍在开发过程中。 如您正寻求将 Dubbo Admin 用作生产环境,想了解 Admin 的能力及安装方式,请参见 develop 分支 及内部相关使用说明。

运行 Admin

启动 Zookeeper

首先,你需要在本地启动一个 zookeeper server,用作 Admin 连接的注册/配置中心。

启动 Admin

Run with IDE

Once open this project in GoLand, a pre-configured Admin runnable task can be found from “Run Configuration” pop up menu as shown below.


Click the Run button and you can get the Admin process started locally.

But before doing that, you might need to change the configuration file located at /conf/dubboadmin.yml to make sure registry.address is pointed to the zookeeper server you started before.

    address: zookeeper://
  config-center: zookeeper://
    address: zookeeper://

Run with command line

$ export ADMIN_CONFIG_PATH=/path/to/your/admin/project/conf/dubboadmin.yml
$ cd cmd/admin
$ go run . 

Open the browser and visit http://localhost:38080/admin/ to open the console.

If you also have the Java version admin running, make sure to use different port to avoid conflict.

一些 Dubbo 客户端示例

为了能在 Admin 控制台看到一些示例数据,可以在本地启动一些示例项目。可参考以下两个链接,务必确保示例使用的注册中心指向你之前启动的 zookeeper server,如果示例中有使用 embeded zookeeper 则应该进行修改并指向你本地起的 zookeeper 集群。





开发过程中,可以使用预先定义好的 Makefile 任务来完成代码检查、测试等一系列工作。以下是一些命令说明


make fmt   #Run gofumpt against code.


To run all code formatting, linting and vetting tools use the target:

make lint     #Run golang lint against code


make test             #Run all tests
make test-dubboctl    #Run tests for dubboctl
make test-admin       #Run tests for admin
make test-authority   #Run tests for authority

Swagger API

make swagger  #Generate dubbo-admin swagger docs in hack/swagger


make build            #Build binary with the dubbo admin, authority, and dubboctl
make build-admin      #Build binary with the dubbo admin.
make build-authority  #Build binary with the dubbo authority.
make build-dubboctl   #Build binary with the dubbo dubboctl.
make build-ui         #Build the distribution of the admin ui pages.


make image            #Build docker image with the dubbo admin, authority and admin-ui
make image-admin      #Build docker image with the dubbo admin.
make image-authority  #Build docker image with the dubbo authority.
make image-ui         #Build docker image with the dubbo admin ui.


make buildx            #Build and push docker cross-platform image for the dubbo admin and authority
make buildx-admin      #Build and push docker image with the dubbo admin for cross-platform support
make buildx-authority  #Build and push docker image with the dubbo authority for cross-platform support
make buildx-dubboctl   #Build the dubboctl distribution for cross-platform support


正式发布的一些 make 命令...