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About Apache DeltaSpike
Apache DeltaSpike is a CDI Extensions Project which contains
the best mature features of JBoss Seam3, Apache MyFaces CODI
and other CDI Extensions projects.
Apache DeltaSpike is licensed under ALv2.
See the LICENSE file for the full license text.
Building Apache DeltaSpike
DeltaSpike is container agnostic. It just needs a working CDI container
integration via Arquillian [1]. The different containers get activated
via Maven Profiles. The following profiles exist so far:
* Weld
For building DeltaSpike with JBoss Weld [2] (Reference Implementation)
invoke the following commandline:
$> mvn clean install -PWeld
For building DeltaSpike with Apache OpenWebBeans [3] execute the
following command
$> mvn clean install -POWB