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Apache DeltaSpike

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Apache DeltaSpike is a suite of portable CDI Extensions intended to make application development easier when working with CDI and Java EE.

Contexts and Dependency Injection is a specification, published as:

Apache DeltaSpike is compatible with all those specification versions. Note that Apache DeltaSpike is not a CDI container itself, but a set of portable Extensions for it!

Some of the key features of Apache DeltaSpike include:

  • A core module that supports component configuration, type safe messaging and internationalization, and exception handling.
  • A suite of utilities to make programmatic bean lookup easier.
  • A plugin for Java SE to bootstrap both JBoss Weld, Apache OpenWebBeans and other CDI containers outside of a JavaEE server.
  • JSF integration, including backporting of JSF 2.2 features for Java EE 6.
  • JPA integration and transaction support.
  • A Data module, to create an easy to use repository pattern on top of JPA.
  • Scheduler integration

Testing support is also provided, to allow you to do low level unit testing of your CDI enabled projects.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started with DeltaSpike is to use Maven or Gradle as a build tool, as described in configuring in your project

Requirements to Build

  • Git
  • JDK 8
  • Maven

Just run mvn clean install from the top level directory, deltaspike to build the source code.