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= Add-ons
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Add-ons extend the functionality of DeltaSpike and several have been developed external to the DeltaSpike project. Brief information is given here about each of the add-ons, with details of where they can be obtained from.
== Monitoring
`ds-monitoring-addon` provides simple monitoring for several common use-cases (exceptions, performance, audits), collecting information about the monitored method-invocations during a request and enabling you to process the entries based on your requirements. For more information about its use and implementation, see[os890: [add-on\] monitoring lite with deltaspike].
**Source code:**
== Spring Bridge
`ds-spring-bridge-addon` is a two-way cdi-spring bridge that allows spring-beans to be injected into cdi-beans and vice versa provided the concepts, for example qualifiers, are compatible. For more information about its use and implementation, see[os890: [add-on\] spring-bridge with deltaspike].
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== Disruptor
`ds-disruptor-addon` improves CDI synchronous event-processing performance by creating a disruptor process for every observer method, enabling CDI synchronous events in conjunction with asynchronous observers. This add-on currently works with Apache TomEE and JBoss AS 7. For more information about its use and implementation, see[os890: [add-on\] fast event processing with disruptor + deltaspike].
**Source code:**