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= Migration Guide
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== Apache MyFaces CODI to Apache DeltaSpike
=== Example Overview
*[Fullstack CODI to DeltaSpike @ os890]
=== Basically unchanged parts
Here you can see features which were added and the concept itself didn't change (only the packages, config keys,...)
==== Project-stage
Only the config key changed (TODO)
==== Deactivatable and ClassDeactivator
The concept hasn't changed.
==== CodiConfig
The concept hasn't changed.
==== Annotation literals
The concept hasn't changed. We just added further implementations.
==== BeanManagerProvider
The concept hasn't changed. We just splitted the functionality. The util
methods are available in BeanProvider and their name and signature have
been unified.
=== Extended concepts
Here you can see features which were added and the concept itself
changed a bit or got merged with concepts from Seam3
==== ConfiguredValueResolver
Here we added more flexibility (esp. re-ordering the default lookup
mechanisms). See `ConfigResolver`, `ConfigSourceProvider` and
==== ProjectStageActivated and ExpressionActivated
We merged them with a feature of Seam3 and now it's called `@Exclude`.
That means the basic functionality is still in place (nothing was
removed), but the logic is now inverse.
==== DefaultAnnotation
(In progress) We merge it with a similar helper of Seam-Solder to
provide custom values for annotation attributes.
=== Postponed concepts
We couldn't agree on these features. If you find them useful, please
contact the mailing-list. If we see that users need it for reasons we
might haven't seen so far, we will discuss it again.
==== BeanNames
=== Dropped concepts
==== Java 1.5 Support
=== JSF Module
==== Type-safe view config
* Changed names
* Annotations are optional
... (TODO)
== JBoss Seam 2 to Java EE 6 + DeltaSpike + other
Migration of a Seam 2 application to Java EE 6 technologies and some alternatives including DeltaSpike is described along with a complete migrated Seam 2 application in the[Seam 2 Migration Wiki].
== JBoss Seam 3 to Apache DeltaSpike