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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.5.3
[DELTASPIKE-1039] - LinkageError on container reboot
[DELTASPIKE-1043] - Loop redirect in error-page (404) with CLIENTWINDOW
[DELTASPIKE-1044] - ClientWindow - skip links with "empty" href
[DELTASPIKE-1046] - wildfly-remote profile is broken
[DELTASPIKE-1050] - EntityManagerLookup isn't thread-safe
[DELTASPIKE-1057] - Fix type parameters of OrderBy query processor
[DELTASPIKE-1061] - custom annotation member values
[DELTASPIKE-1063] - ClientWindow - StoreWindowTreeEnabledOnButtonClick prevents defined onclick
[DELTASPIKE-1071] - URLs like ?&dswid=XYZ lead to window cloning
[DELTASPIKE-1040] - ClassDeactivationUtils spams the log in ProjectStages Development and UnitTest
[DELTASPIKE-1048] - Fix compiler warnings in Data module
[DELTASPIKE-1049] - Avoid bean serializations / use ApplicationScoped instead Dependent for performance reasons
[DELTASPIKE-1055] - JobRunnableAdapter should be pluggable
[DELTASPIKE-1058] - add info in case of a global-alternative
[DELTASPIKE-1059] - integrate @Scheduled Runnable with exception-control
[DELTASPIKE-1062] - @Transactional and @TransactionScoped support for @Repository including qualifiers
[DELTASPIKE-1065] - improve build-config per profile
[DELTASPIKE-1072] - improve wls12 test-profiles
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-1045] - Convenience repository classes exposing all EntityManager methods
[DELTASPIKE-1054] - optional mode to switch from org.quartz.Job to java.lang.Runnable
[DELTASPIKE-1041] - update site and javadoc to 1.5.2
[DELTASPIKE-1056] - document optional mode for java.lang.Runnable with @Scheduled
[DELTASPIKE-1067] - Data module should use utils from core
[DELTASPIKE-1073] - prepare v1.5.3