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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.5.1
[DELTASPIKE-978] - ClassCastException with Native Queries
[DELTASPIKE-984] - DynamicMBeanWrapper throws misleading MBeanException saying that the required action does not exist when MBean method (deliberately) throws an exception
[DELTASPIKE-985] - It's not possible to run tests against latest WildFly
[DELTASPIKE-990] - BeanBuilder#readFromType drops java.lang.Object as type
[DELTASPIKE-993] - Disabled initialRedirect is generating dswid=null
[DELTASPIKE-994] - MessageBundleExtension: NPE on Shutdown
[DELTASPIKE-997] - fails on weblogic
[DELTASPIKE-999] - several tests failing on weblogic due to missing org.quartz.utils package
[DELTASPIKE-1002] - NPE when job startScopes is set to empty
[DELTASPIKE-986] - support for atomikos
[DELTASPIKE-987] - check for @Version
[DELTASPIKE-991] - javax.interceptor.Interceptor.Priority.PLATFORM_BEFORE is used per default
[DELTASPIKE-992] - optional support for bv 1.1
[DELTASPIKE-1001] - Skip caching ClassDeactivation for some project stages
[DELTASPIKE-1004] - unified base-implementation for InvocationContext
[DELTASPIKE-1008] - Introduce @MBean.type() to customize type in JMX bean objectName
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-955] - Built in class deactivator
[DELTASPIKE-1003] - support @Produces in partial-beans
[DELTASPIKE-1005] - @Transactional and @TransactionScoped support for @Repository
[DELTASPIKE-952] - Document Proxy Module
[DELTASPIKE-956] - Clearly document transaction integration patterns for repository classes
[DELTASPIKE-979] - Document new ClientWindowConfig modes
[DELTASPIKE-981] - update site and javadoc to 1.5.0
[DELTASPIKE-983] - Investigate issue with DeltaSpike Validation Module
[DELTASPIKE-995] - Define a weblogic managed profile for arquillian tests
[DELTASPIKE-998] - many deltaspike/modules/data/impl tests fail on weblogic.
[DELTASPIKE-1000] - prepare v1.5.1