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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.4.0
[DELTASPIKE-822] - Repository method lookup in super interfaces
[DELTASPIKE-830] - Now active ViewAccessScoped context during restore view phase
[DELTASPIKE-832] - Javascript assert windowId not resilient enough
[DELTASPIKE-833] - BeanManagerProvider Log Flood
[DELTASPIKE-847] - java.util.Properties Provider does not close InputStream after usage
[DELTASPIKE-849] - InjectableResourceProducer does not close InputStreams
[DELTASPIKE-854] - Jacoco profile doesn't work anymore
[DELTASPIKE-859] - Injection of @Named @MessageBundle works only with @Named injection point
[DELTASPIKE-860] - documentation says "@LoggedIn User user", but that's impossible
[DELTASPIKE-863] - NPE when invoking proxy for custom jsf converter
[DELTASPIKE-867] - Clarify that Test-Control module has manual dependencies on CDI implementations
[DELTASPIKE-869] - Minor typos on test-control asciidoc
[DELTASPIKE-870] - Partial Bean with signed jar trouble.
[DELTASPIKE-876] - Website navigation bar active tab highlighting broken
[DELTASPIKE-884] - PropertyFileConfig shouldn't implement DeltaSpikeConfig
[DELTASPIKE-889] - ValidatorWrapper causes filtering of multiple custom validators in ValidatorTagHandler
[DELTASPIKE-893] - Remove erroneous WarpTest annotation and Warp dependency from JSF impl tests
[DELTASPIKE-899] - Build fail for OWB15
[DELTASPIKE-809] - Clean up cdi ctrl and cdi imp pages
[DELTASPIKE-846] - Docs: Clarify that scheduler module has manual dependencies
[DELTASPIKE-852] - fix naming of type-safe configs
[DELTASPIKE-855] - Review deltaspike-release-plugin and distribution profile to not consider deltaspike-root
[DELTASPIKE-857] - [perf] skip method interception if no interceptors defined
[DELTASPIKE-873] - show error-message on the same page
[DELTASPIKE-875] - HTTPS support for site and documentation
[DELTASPIKE-878] - AnnotationUtils should support literal instances
[DELTASPIKE-879] - use @Priority for global-alternatives
[DELTASPIKE-880] - Restrict initial redirect to GET requests
[DELTASPIKE-881] - align invocation order of @PreRenderView with jsf
[DELTASPIKE-882] - Create a new module for proxy
[DELTASPIKE-885] - Static DeltaSpike configuration should be easy to find in code base
[DELTASPIKE-886] - Add ignoreCase() to the criteria API
[DELTASPIKE-891] - check for InvocationTargetException in ExecutableCallbackDescriptor
[DELTASPIKE-896] - improve the warning in ViewConfigPathValidator
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-420] - Transactional repositories
[DELTASPIKE-874] - observe @javax.faces.bean.RequestScoped via @javax.enterprise.context.Initialized and @javax.enterprise.context.Destroyed
[DELTASPIKE-877] - allow to inherit dynamically changed metadata
[DELTASPIKE-888] - Add support for delete a job from the Scheduler
[DELTASPIKE-892] - type-safe static config
[DELTASPIKE-850] - Add Weld 3 profile
[DELTASPIKE-862] - document JsfMessage
[DELTASPIKE-903] - prepare v1.4.0