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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.3.0
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-419] - Interceptors on partial beans
[DELTASPIKE-420] - Transactional repositories
[DELTASPIKE-837] - PropertyFileConfig pickup via java.util.ServiceLoader
[DELTASPIKE-841] - make getConfigSources public
[DELTASPIKE-842] - pick up ConfigFilters via ServiceLoader
[DELTASPIKE-647] - AppScoped abstract repositories doesn't work
[DELTASPIKE-714] - QueryResult.count not work if jpql have order by
[DELTASPIKE-746] - Doc: JSF/ExceptionControl integration redirect example
[DELTASPIKE-808] - Make website to read pom.xml properties
[DELTASPIKE-812] - remove AttributeAware
[DELTASPIKE-814] - Create a root pom.xml to share common properties
[DELTASPIKE-818] - CDI Events with reception condition in WindowScoped beans
[DELTASPIKE-825] - Scheduler docs mention wrong method scheduleJob
[DELTASPIKE-828] - Infinite recursive loop navigating through annoations
[DELTASPIKE-831] - NPE in DefaultMockFilter when running JUnit and the application contains a class in the default package
[DELTASPIKE-834] - MessageBundle Extension not working in EARs on some containers
[DELTASPIKE-838] - SchedulerExtension: Multiple Job-Classes found with name
[DELTASPIKE-805] - Provide utils method to check if an context is active or not
[DELTASPIKE-829] - add hints for using jersey-test with test-control
[DELTASPIKE-835] - Improve build config and add tests
[DELTASPIKE-836] - Support case insensitive LIKE queries with method naming convention
[DELTASPIKE-840] - ConfigResolver#getConfigFilters() shall return unmutable List
[DELTASPIKE-806] - update site to 1.2.1
[DELTASPIKE-807] - update external resources
[DELTASPIKE-810] - improve site headers
[DELTASPIKE-811] - document custom project-stages
[DELTASPIKE-815] - Publish 1.2.1 Javadoc
[DELTASPIKE-821] - check compatibility with gradle
[DELTASPIKE-823] - Reimplement Partial-Bean module
[DELTASPIKE-845] - prepare v1.3.0