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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.2.0
[DELTASPIKE-745] - cdictr-weld ContextControl.startContext doesn't properly start RequestScoped context
[DELTASPIKE-749] - Doc: Security: Making intitially requested and secured page available for redirect after login
[DELTASPIKE-750] - No error message if the filename provided PropertyFileConfig implementation isn't found.
[DELTASPIKE-771] - BeanManagerProvider#getBeanManagerInfo(ClassLoader) wipes out info for parent CL
[DELTASPIKE-781] - AnnotatedTypeImpl doesn't work for Annotation AnnotatedType
[DELTASPIKE-782] - BeanManager lookup fails when BeanManager created in parent classloader and in SE mode
[DELTASPIKE-770] - Overload BeanProvider#getContextualReference with (BeanManager, String, boolean. Class) variant
[DELTASPIKE-773] - improved testability of @WindowScoped beans
[DELTASPIKE-780] - support more advanced cases by extending existing transaction-strategies
[DELTASPIKE-785] - Make CdiTestRunner pick up container configuration from properties file
[DELTASPIKE-789] - ClientWindowConfig should extend Serializable
[DELTASPIKE-790] - cache result for JsfModuleConfig#isDelegatedWindowHandlingEnabled
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-769] - add @Priority dyn. to deltaspike interceptors to avoid the manual config
[DELTASPIKE-772] - use CDI#current if supported
[DELTASPIKE-774] - map javax.faces.bean.ViewScoped to javax.faces.view.ViewScoped
[DELTASPIKE-776] - check correct module usage
[DELTASPIKE-649] - re-visit wls profile
[DELTASPIKE-767] - Review javadoc in core/api
[DELTASPIKE-777] - Create and publish Javadocs section
[DELTASPIKE-778] - add duke's choice award badge to the site
[DELTASPIKE-786] - migrate documentation about release preparation to asciidoc
[DELTASPIKE-791] - release notes for v1.2.0