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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.0.3
[DELTASPIKE-696] - Remove unneeded dependencies on CDICtrl Servlet
[DELTASPIKE-706] - Multiple CDI API versions on classpath in JSF module tests (Weld)
[DELTASPIKE-710] - Error using clientWindow and (p|f):ajax
[DELTASPIKE-717] - Exception handlers not invoked when @Secured ViewConfig is violated in an app with JSF module without a DefaultErrorView page
[DELTASPIKE-719] - Only one voter invoked if multiple voters are applied through a stereotype
[DELTASPIKE-723] - Exception bypassing on JSF conversion errors
[DELTASPIKE-726] - Lazy window handling doesn't recognize new windows anymore
[DELTASPIKE-729] - f:viewAction is executed twice with LAZY window handling mode
[DELTASPIKE-692] - workaround for tests which don't use optional classes
[DELTASPIKE-699] - Signature relaxing of attribute method() in CriteriaSupport
[DELTASPIKE-708] - Veto the AbstractEntityRepository class
[DELTASPIKE-712] - BeanManagerProvider : Wrap usage in parent class loaders
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-702] - Add support to GreaterThan and LessThan in criteria to dates
[DELTASPIKE-640] - Document Scopes in Core module
[DELTASPIKE-677] - document ds-security in combination with picketlink
[DELTASPIKE-697] - Set the baseDir to reside in the target directory for tomcat tests.
[DELTASPIKE-698] - re-visit glassfish4 profile
[DELTASPIKE-711] - Create placeholder documentation directory
[DELTASPIKE-716] - Migrate documentation format to asciidoc at git repo
[DELTASPIKE-730] - release notes for v1.0.3