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Release Notes - Apache DeltaSpike - Version 1.0.1
[DELTASPIKE-470] - Releases must be distributed via the ASF mirror system
[DELTASPIKE-648] - @ConfigProperty in Wildfly 8.1 not working correctly
[DELTASPIKE-650] - Custom JSF Converters/Validators error
[DELTASPIKE-656] - Concurrency Problem when using QuartzScheduler
[DELTASPIKE-661] - No custom quartz-config file found after upgrade to 1.0.0
[DELTASPIKE-664] - SecurityViolation are evaluated twice for redirect pages with configured errorView
[DELTASPIKE-599] - CDI 1.1 friendly ViewConfig discovery
[DELTASPIKE-651] - Support for disabling scope activation globally
[DELTASPIKE-654] - veto converters and validators without injection-points or scope
[DELTASPIKE-658] - improved @Stereotype support for @ViewMetaData
[DELTASPIKE-520] - test proxy handling
[DELTASPIKE-638] - re-visit inconsistent handling of @BeforeHandles
[DELTASPIKE-646] - Please delete old releases from mirroring system
[DELTASPIKE-655] - create ee6 only version of the jsf module
[DELTASPIKE-657] - create simple scheduler example
[DELTASPIKE-663] - force AccessDeniedException per default
[DELTASPIKE-667] - update jsf demo
[DELTASPIKE-668] - release notes for v1.0.1