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Apache DeltaSpike-0.5 Release Notes
The following modules and big features got added in the DeltaSpike-0.5 release:
* DeltaSpike-Data
The DeltaSpike Data module enhances JPA experience with declarative
queries, reducing boilerplate to a minimum. DeltaSpike Data repositories
can derive queries by simple method names, or by method annotations
defining JPQL, named queries or even plain SQL - beside result pagination
and sorting. The module also features auditing of entities and a simplified
alternative to the Criteria API.
* DeltaSpike-Servlet
The DeltaSpike Servlet module provides integration with the Java Servlet
API. It adds support for injection of common servlet objects
and propagates servlet events to the CDI event bus.
* DeltaSpike-BeanValidation
The main feature of the Bean Validation module is to provide
CDI integration in to ConstraintValidators. This allows you to
inject CDI objects, EJBs etc in to your validators.
* The following issues got resolved in this release:
[DELTASPIKE-16] - review and discuss builders (metadata implementations)
[DELTASPIKE-387] - Create new bean-validation module
[DELTASPIKE-388] - Add support for a ConstraintValidatorFactory that creates CDI enabled constraint validators
[DELTASPIKE-380] - NPE in PartialBeanLifecycle if javassist not on classpath
[DELTASPIKE-381] - missing optional bean-lookup
[DELTASPIKE-384] - ViewConfigUtils.toNodeList() fails in EAR
[DELTASPIKE-385] - Spurious BeanManagerProvider warnings when used in EAR
[DELTASPIKE-394] - pom.xml files of the data-module aren't aligned with other modules
[DELTASPIKE-397] - MessageBundleInvocationHandler should ignore methods like hashCode() etc from Object.class
[DELTASPIKE-403] - MessageBundles are not PassivationCapable
[DELTASPIKE-405] - producer for JsfMessage<T> does not match CDI-1.1 rules
[DELTASPIKE-407] - Tests for Servlet module incorrectly packaged
[DELTASPIKE-332] - Discuss introducing BeanValidation support
[DELTASPIKE-360] - alternative LocaleResolver which is aware of supported locales
[DELTASPIKE-366] - basic test of properties usage in cdictrl openejb container
[DELTASPIKE-383] - use getProjectStageAwarePropertyValue in @ConfigProperty and other configuration places
[DELTASPIKE-390] - optional custom ConfigPreProcessor for @ViewMetaData
[DELTASPIKE-409] - Servlet module events should be deactivatable
[DELTASPIKE-410] - improve compatibility with mojarra
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-375] - Create servlet module maven structure
[DELTASPIKE-376] - Propagation of basic servlet events to the CDI event bus
[DELTASPIKE-377] - Supporting injection of basic servlet objects
[DELTASPIKE-378] - ProjectStage-aware and Property-aware configuration
[DELTASPIKE-382] - mask out passwords and other credentials in our Configuration logs
[DELTASPIKE-398] - BeanProvider handling for @Dependent scoped beans
[DELTASPIKE-60] - Review and discuss a generic DAO API
[DELTASPIKE-401] - change GlobalAlternativeTest to work on Weld-2, Weld-1 and OWB
[DELTASPIKE-402] - Provide a way to skip tests depending on the CDI Container being used.
[DELTASPIKE-408] - WildFly test profile