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Apache DeltaSpike-0.3-incubating Release Notes
[DELTASPIKE-38] - unit and integration tests for DeltaSpikeConfig
[DELTASPIKE-54] - review and discuss DefaultAnnotation
[DELTASPIKE-55] - review and discuss AnnotationInstanceProvider
[DELTASPIKE-62] - Discuss security module
[DELTASPIKE-74] - unit and integration tests for @Secured
[DELTASPIKE-75] - documentation for @Secured
[DELTASPIKE-77] - review and discuss Identity API
[DELTASPIKE-78] - review and discuss Authentication API
[DELTASPIKE-79] - review and discuss Authorization API
[DELTASPIKE-81] - review and discuss Identity Management
[DELTASPIKE-82] - review and discuss external authentication
[DELTASPIKE-84] - documentation for global alternatives
[DELTASPIKE-115] - documentation for @ConfigProperty
[DELTASPIKE-139] - documentation for @SecurityBindingType
[DELTASPIKE-143] - documentation for SecurityParameterBinding
[DELTASPIKE-147] - documentation for @MessageTemplate and @MessageBundle
[DELTASPIKE-150] - documentation for @MessageContextConfig - static usage
[DELTASPIKE-155] - documentation for Message and MessageContext - dynamic usage
[DELTASPIKE-160] - documentation for @ExceptionHandler
[DELTASPIKE-170] - documentation for AnnotationInstanceProvider
[DELTASPIKE-171] - unit and integration tests for AnnotationInstanceProvider
[DELTASPIKE-176] - unit and integration tests for @Transactional
[DELTASPIKE-177] - documentation for @Transactional
[DELTASPIKE-179] - unit and integration tests for @TransactionScoped
[DELTASPIKE-183] - unit and integration tests for TransactionHelper
[DELTASPIKE-184] - documentation for TransactionHelper
[DELTASPIKE-226] - unit and integration tests for minimal type-safe messages
[DELTASPIKE-145] - autom. check of license header in test files
[DELTASPIKE-166] - integration test module can't run tests with resources
[DELTASPIKE-167] - remove ReflectionUtil security methods
[DELTASPIKE-168] - fix build config
[DELTASPIKE-173] - @ConfigProperty for string properties
[DELTASPIKE-185] - Our @Transactional interceptor also tries to handle @PersistenceContexts
[DELTASPIKE-186] - doc is not up to date regarding configsource
[DELTASPIKE-189] - cdictrl/impl-openejb breaks the sonar build
[DELTASPIKE-191] - get rid of BeanManagerProvider#setTestMode()
[DELTASPIKE-196] - review ConfigProperty and Converter logic
[DELTASPIKE-199] - MessageBundle must only be used on interfaces
[DELTASPIKE-200] - handle configuration issues in MessageBundles as DefinitionErrors
[DELTASPIKE-205] - LocaleResolver#getLocale() doesn't get invoked
[DELTASPIKE-206] - NPE in OpenWebBeansContainerControl#getBeanManager
[DELTASPIKE-209] - ShrinkWrap.create(WebArchive.class,..)..addAsManifestResource(.., "beans.xml") not spec conform
[DELTASPIKE-211] - ExcludeExtension uses wrong observed event type
[DELTASPIKE-212] - replace ProcessAnnotatedType<Object> with ProcessAnnotatedType without type restriction
[DELTASPIKE-213] - move atinject-api, jcdi-api and interceptors-api dependencies to the container configuration
[DELTASPIKE-218] - ExceptionHandler observer chain is broken with same ordinal
[DELTASPIKE-231] - add multiple Resource Sources in the MessageContext
[DELTASPIKE-232] - Messages should be Serializable
[DELTASPIKE-233] - ClassUtils does unnecessary doPrivileged
[DELTASPIKE-235] - Always package categories to our unit test @Deployments
[DELTASPIKE-237] - implement shutdown hook for ConfigResolver
[DELTASPIKE-239] - Test failure for ConfigResolver on jdk7
[DELTASPIKE-240] - Security test failedLogin fails if executed after failedForcedReLogin
[DELTASPIKE-248] - missing check of EntityTransaction#getRollbackOnly in ResourceLocalPersistenceStrategy
[DELTASPIKE-96] - Give names to tests and shrinkwrap archives
[DELTASPIKE-161] - veto internal beans annotated with @Typed()
[DELTASPIKE-172] - Improve BeanProvider
[DELTASPIKE-194] - enable examples build by default
[DELTASPIKE-197] - pickup ConfigSources via ServiceLoader as well
[DELTASPIKE-204] - AnnotationInstanceProviderTest#assertComplexToString fails on certain JVM's
[DELTASPIKE-216] - add the ability to specify other property config source from file
[DELTASPIKE-221] - Rename README.txt into README or to allow markodwn syntax to be rendered on GitHub
[DELTASPIKE-225] - simplify fluent Message API
[DELTASPIKE-251] - SetAccessiblePrivilegedAction isn't needed without a SecurityManager
[DELTASPIKE-254] - the de-/activation logic for extensions should be unified
[DELTASPIKE-258] - improve the compatibility with new versions of weld
New Feature
[DELTASPIKE-111] - Add and review Seam Catch as a new DeltaSpike module
[DELTASPIKE-169] - AnnotationInstanceProvider
[DELTASPIKE-175] - @Transactional for EntityTransaction
[DELTASPIKE-178] - @TransactionScoped
[DELTASPIKE-182] - import TransactionalHelper from CODI
[DELTASPIKE-188] - defaultValue for @ConfigProperty
[DELTASPIKE-190] - Create ConfigurableDataSource
[DELTASPIKE-192] - BeanManagerProvider should warn User if called before the container got started
[DELTASPIKE-195] - create default-value handling for ConfigResolver
[DELTASPIKE-201] - move NarrowingBeanBuilder to API utils and rename it
[DELTASPIKE-215] - Add a new annotation to override the location of the file
[DELTASPIKE-219] - @Transactional for JTA UserTransaction
[DELTASPIKE-222] - Add possibility to set base path
[DELTASPIKE-223] - Add convention for @MessageResource annotated types.
[DELTASPIKE-230] - Fallback stragtegy for resource bundles and locales
[DELTASPIKE-250] - persistence-strategy which is aware of the environment
[DELTASPIKE-13] - Choose documentation format and tools
[DELTASPIKE-33] - deltaspike website
[DELTASPIKE-76] - Discuss and review security features
[DELTASPIKE-87] - re-visit packaging issue
[DELTASPIKE-102] - review sonar findings
[DELTASPIKE-110] - Discuss adding Seam Catch to DeltaSpike
[DELTASPIKE-119] - review and discuss i18n module
[DELTASPIKE-140] - integration test module for the security module
[DELTASPIKE-174] - create jpa module
[DELTASPIKE-180] - [build] check for available plugin and version updates
[DELTASPIKE-181] - add Test Coverage reporting to our build
[DELTASPIKE-220] - update our test and build infrastructure for 0.3-incubating
[DELTASPIKE-224] - remove integration-test module and move container profiles to parent-code
[DELTASPIKE-236] - integration-test config for all modules
[DELTASPIKE-243] - change misleading name of PropertyConfigSource
[DELTASPIKE-244] - align naming of base classes
[DELTASPIKE-245] - Enable ProjectStage UnitTest for UnitTests
[DELTASPIKE-246] - Port Solder BeanBuilder to DeltaSpike
[DELTASPIKE-249] - cleanup of the security module
[DELTASPIKE-253] - rename PersistenceStrategy to TransactionStrategy
[DELTASPIKE-257] - align api/spi and impl package for parts related to transactions