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Custom project wizard configuration example file. Note that by convention,
the project file goes last.
The "class" and "firstpage" attributes specify that it is a Qt 4 wizard and
leave room for the Qt 4 target page.
<wizard version="1" kind="project"
class="qt4project" firstpage="10"
id="A.HelloWorld" category="B.CustomProjects">
<description>Creates a cordova-qt project</description>
<displayname>Cordova Qt example</displayname>;
<displaycategory>Cordova Qt</displaycategory>
<file source="main.cpp" openeditor="true"/>
<file source="deployment.pri"/>
<file source="src/cordova.cpp"/>
<file source="src/cplugin.cpp"/>
<file source="src/pluginregistry.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/notification.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/geolocation.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/fileapi.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/device.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/console.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/connection.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/compass.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/accelerometer.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/events.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/contacts.cpp"/>
<file source="src/plugins/camera.cpp"/>
<file source="src/cordova.h"/>
<file source="src/cplugin.h"/>
<file source="src/pluginregistry.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/notification.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/geolocation.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/fileapi.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/device.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/console.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/connection.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/compass.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/accelerometer.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/events.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/contacts.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/camera.h"/>
<file source="src/plugins/cameraresolution.h"/>
<file source="qml/main_qt4.qml"/>
<file source="qml/main.qml"/>
<file source="qml/main_harmattan_qt5.qml"/>
<file source="qml/main_qt5.qml"/>
<file source="qml/cordova_wrapper.js"/>
<file source="xml/plugins.xml"/>
<file source="xml/plugins.xml"/>
<file source="www/basic.js"/>
<file source="www/index.html"/>
<file source="www/index_qt5.html"/>
<file source="www/js/accelerometer.js"/>
<file source="www/js/accelerometer.js"/>
<file source="www/js/camera.js"/>
<file source="www/js/compass.js"/>
<file source="www/js/connection.js"/>
<file source="www/js/console.js"/>
<file source="www/js/contacts.js"/>
<file source="www/js/cordova.js"/>
<file source="www/js/cordova.qt5.js"/>
<file source="www/js/cordova.qt.js"/>
<file source="www/js/device.js"/>
<file source="www/js/file.js"/>
<file source="www/js/geolocation.js"/>
<file source="www/js/notification.js"/>
<file source="" target="" openproject="true"/>