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📌 Deprecation Notice

This repository is deprecated and no more work will be done on this by Apache Cordova. You can continue to use this and it should work as-is but any future issues will not be fixed by the Cordova community.

Feel free to fork this repository and improve your fork. Existing forks are listed in Network and Forks.

Cordova/Qt is the Qt port of the Apache Cordova project. It should compile on any platform which is compatible with Qt and Qt Mobility.


  • Qt SDK

To Create a Project

Download the source code and open the project file with Qt Creator. Add your HTML and JavaScript files to the www folder. Edit xml/plugins.xml to enable or disable any required plugins. Compiling, deployment, and packaging works as described in the Qt Creator documentation.

Supported APIs

  • Accelerometer
  • Compass
  • Connection
  • Contacts
  • Device
  • Events
  • File (Except for File Transfer API which has no direct support in Qt Mobility and is not implemented for now)
  • Geolocation (Uses the W3C Geolocation API specifications)
  • Notification (implemented for MeeGo Harmattan only)
  • Storage (Uses the W3C WebSQL Database and Web Storage API specifications)
  • Camera (Basic support on Symbian and MeeGo Harmattan but no gallery or image settings)

Unsupported APIs

  • Capture - in progress
  • Media (Cordova will be moving to follow the W3C specification which is supported by WebKit and these APIS are likely to be deprecated)


Licensed under the APACHE-2.0 license. See LICENSE file for details.