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<h1 id="indicators">Apache CloudStack: Getting Involved</h1>
<p>Interested in helping out with Apache CloudStack? Great! We welcome participation from anybody willing to work <a href="">The Apache Way</a> and make a contribution.</p>
<p>Note that you <strong>do not have to be a developer</strong> in order to contribute to Apache CloudStack. We need folks to help with documentation, translation, promotion, and having someone with snazzy Web design skills would not be a bad thing! Want to give a talk about Apache CloudStack, or even organize a CloudStack event? <a href="/mailing-lists.html">We're all ears – join us on the Marketing list and we'll help you get started</a>!</p>
<p>Developers, of course, are also welcome. See the <a href="/developers.html">Developer Resources</a> page!</p>
<p>If you just want to report a bug, that's easily done in our <a href="">Jira bug tracking tool</a>.</p>
<h2 id="where-to-ask-for-help">Where To Ask For Help</h2>
<p>Need some help getting started? Feel free to ask on the <a href="/mailing-lists.html">mailing list</a> or find us on one of the following IRC channels on</p>
<li>#cloudstack - General Apache CloudStack conversation and end user support</li>
<li>#cloudstack-dev - Development discussions</li>
<li>#cloudstack-meeting - Weekly and ad-hoc meeting room for the Apache CloudStack community</li>