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Source of Apache CloudStack Web site

This is built using middleman.

$ gem install middleman
$ bundle install

All sources are located in the /source directory. The build process requires JavaScript engine to be installed. For Ubuntu Linux use:

sudo apt-get update
sudo apt install nodejs

For more details look at: https://github.com/sstephenson/execjs/issues/71

Build the site with:

$ middleman build

To serve it locally:

$ middleman server

Important Update Information

A few sections have been updated to be (more) dynamic. The ‘events’ listed on the website are pulled from the CSV file in ./data/acs-events.csv . The CSV that the website uses is the current raw file which is held in the Github main branch. Updates to this file are immediately ‘visible’ on the website. There is no need to ‘build’ the website for the changes to become live. The format of the CSV is self explanatory, there is a heading row, please do not delete it, the processing on the web page assumes that it is there. The ‘latest announcements’ section is pulled from the last 3 CloudStack blogs from the Apache Web site.


To build the HTML files, you just need to execute the build.sh. The script will automatically generate the HTML files and then copy them to the content folder in preparation for being published via the asf-site branch. Keep reading for detailed instructions.


Use Github PRs to make changes to the live site. No one should commit directly to the repositories without opening a PR and waiting for the proper review.
Once the review process has been completed and the appropriate changes have been made to the PR, it is time to commit the changes. Merging the PR into main will not publish the changes to the live website, the following steps are required to make the live site reflect the status of the main branch.

IMPORTANT: In order to publish changes to the live site, you must commit into the asf-site branch. It is very important that the main branch stays synchronized with the the asf-site branch.

The ASF maintains an integration which automatically publishes the content of the asf-site branch to a web server that serves the Apache CloudStack web pages. It is important that both the main and asf-site branches track both the source and the resulting compiled content in order to simplify the management process.

NOTE: The content of the build directory needs to be copied to the content in the asf-site branch for the site to be served properly; If you use the build.sh script, this step is already taken care of.

Step by Step

  • Fork this repository to your Github account: <your_github_user>. To do that, navigate to https://github.com/apache/cloudstack-www and click fork in the top right corner of the page.
  • Then, clone your fork to your local workstation: git clone git@github.com:<your_github_user>/cloudstack-www.git
  • Cloning this way will make your Github fork the origin remote.
  • cd cloudstack-www
  • Add the official repo as the upstream remote: git remote add upstream git@github.com:apache/cloudstack-www.git

Sync Local with Upstream

git checkout main
git fetch upstream
git pull upstream main

Make Changes

# make source changes, then
middleman server [-p <portnumber>]
# view at: http://localhost:[portnumber]
# rinse and repeat

Commit Locally

git add .
git commit -am "your commit message"
git push origin main

Create a PR

  • Confirm the changes appear correctly on your Github account.
  • Create a Pull Request against main on the https://github.com/apache/cloudstack-www repository.

COMMITTER: Validate a PR Locally
Note: The following instructions assume the <contributor> made their changes on their main branch.

# validate contributor changes
cd /tmp
git clone https://github.com/<contributor>/cloudstack-www.git
cd cloudstack-www
git checkout main
middleman server [-p <portnumber>]
# visually validate changes at: http://localhost:[portnumber]

COMMITTER: Merge & Deploy
Merge the PR into main using the Github UI.

Once the PR has been merged into main, do the following to publish the content.

git fetch upstream
git checkout main
git pull upstream main
./build.sh  # updates the content directory
middleman server [-p <portnumber>]
# visually validate changes at: http://localhost:[portnumber]
git status
# check if `./build.sh` added files
# if there are untracked changes
git add .
git commit -am "updated PR#### to include compiled content"
git push upstream main
# if no untracked files or if you merged them into main
git checkout asf-site
git merge main
# run `middleman server [-p <portnumber>]` again and
# validate the site updated at your `http://localhost:<portnumber>`
git push upstream asf-site
# validate the site updated at: https://cloudstack.apache.org