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# This function is used for pytest skipif() expressions.
# Tests which require our plugins in tests/plugins/pip-samples need
# to check if these plugins are installed, they are only guaranteed
# to be installed when running tox, but not when using pytest directly
# to test that BuildStream works when integrated in your system.
def pip_sample_packages():
import pkg_resources
required = {"sample-plugins"}
installed = {pkg.key for pkg in pkg_resources.working_set} # pylint: disable=not-an-iterable
missing = required - installed
if missing:
return False
return True
The sample plugins package used to test pip plugin origins is not installed.
This is usually tested automatically with `tox`, if you are running
`pytest` directly then you can install these plugins directly using pip.
The plugins are located in the tests/plugins/sample-plugins directory
of your BuildStream checkout.