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.TH "BST SOURCE CHECKOUT" "1" "2020-10-14" "" "bst source checkout Manual"
bst\-source\-checkout \- Checkout sources of an element
.B bst source checkout
Checkout sources of an element to the specified location
When this command is executed from a workspace directory, the default
is to checkout the sources of the workspace element.
\fB\-f,\fP \-\-force
Allow files to be overwritten
\fB\-\-except\fP PATH
Except certain dependencies
\fB\-d,\fP \-\-deps [build|none|run|all]
The dependencies whose sources to checkout [default: none]
\fB\-\-tar\fP LOCATION
Create a tarball containing the sources instead of a file tree.
\fB\-\-compression\fP [gz|xz|bz2]
The compression option of the tarball created.
\fB\-\-directory\fP DIRECTORY
The directory to checkout the sources to