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.TH "BST SHELL" "1" "2020-10-14" "" "bst shell Manual"
bst\-shell \- Shell into an element's sandbox environment
.B bst shell
Run a command in the target element's sandbox environment
When this command is executed from a workspace directory, the default
is to shell into the workspace element.
This will stage a temporary sysroot for running the target
element, assuming it has already been built and all required
artifacts are in the local cache.
Use '--' to separate a command from the options to bst,
otherwise bst may respond to them instead. e.g.

bst shell example.bst -- df -h
Use the --build option to create a temporary sysroot for
building the element instead.
If no COMMAND is specified, the default is to attempt
to run an interactive shell.
\fB\-b,\fP \-\-build
Stage dependencies and sources to build
\fB\-\-mount\fP HOSTPATH PATH
Mount a file or directory into the sandbox
Create an isolated build sandbox
\fB\-t,\fP \-\-use\-buildtree
Stage a buildtree. Will fail if a buildtree is not available. --pull and pull-buildtrees configuration is needed if trying to query for remotely cached buildtrees.
Attempt to pull missing or incomplete artifacts