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.TH "BST ARTIFACT PULL" "1" "2020-10-14" "" "bst artifact pull Manual"
bst\-artifact\-pull \- Pull a built artifact
.B bst artifact pull
Pull a built artifact from the configured remote artifact cache.
Specifying no elements will result in pulling the default targets
of the project. If no default targets are configured, all project
elements will be pulled.
When this command is executed from a workspace directory, the default
is to pull the workspace element.
By default the artifact will be pulled one of the configured caches
if possible, following the usual priority order. If the `--remote` flag
is given, only the specified cache will be queried.
Specify `--deps` to control which artifacts to pull:

none: No dependencies, just the element itself
run: Runtime dependencies, including the element itself
build: Build time dependencies, excluding the element itself
all: All dependencies
\fB\-d,\fP \-\-deps [build|none|run|all]
The dependency artifacts to pull [default: none]
\fB\-r,\fP \-\-remote TEXT
The URL of the remote cache (defaults to the first configured cache)