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<title>Apache Ant User Manual&mdash;Feedback</title>
<h1 id="feedback">Feedback and Troubleshooting</h1>
<p>If things do not work, especially simple things like <kbd>ant -version</kbd>, then something is
wrong with your configuration. Before filing bug reports and emailing all the Apache Ant mailing
<li>Check your environment variables. Are <code>ANT_HOME</code> and <code>JAVA_HOME</code>
correct? If they have quotes or trailing slashes, remove them.</li>
<li>Unset <code>CLASSPATH</code>; if that is wrong things go horribly wrong. Ant does not need
the <code>CLASSPATH</code> variable defined to anything to work.</li>
<li>Make sure there are no versions of <samp>crimson.jar</samp> or other XML parsers
in <samp>JAVA_HOME/jre/lib/ext</samp></li>
<li>Is your path correct? is Ant on it? What about <samp>JAVA_HOME/bin</samp>? have you tested
this? If you are using Jikes, is it on the path? A CreateProcess error (especially
with <code>error=2</code>) on Windows usually means executable not found on the path.</li>
<li>Which version of ant are you running? Other applications distribute a copy&mdash;it may be
being picked up by accident.</li>
<li>If a task failing to run is from <samp>optional.jar</samp> in <samp>ANT_HOME/lib</samp>? Are
there any libraries which it depends on missing?</li>
<li>If a task doesn't do what you expect, run <kbd>ant -verbose</kbd> or <kbd>ant -debug</kbd>
to see what is happening</li>
<p>If you can't fix your problem, start with the <a href=""
target="_top">Ant User Mailing List</a>. These are other ant users who will help you learn to use
ant. If they cannot fix it then someone may suggest filing a bug report, which will escalate the
issue. Remember of course, that support, like all open source development tasks, is voluntary. If
you haven't invested time in helping yourself by following the steps above, it is unlikely that
anyone will invest the time in helping you.</p>
<p>Also, if you don't understand something, the <a href=""
target="_top">Ant User Mailing List</a> is the place to ask questions. Not the developer list, nor
the individuals whose names appears in the source and documentation. If they answered all such
emails, nobody would have any time to improve Ant.</p>
<p>To provide feedback on this software, please subscribe to
the <a href="" target="_top">Ant User Mailing List</a></p>
<p>If you want to contribute to Ant or stay current with the latest development, join
the <a href="" target="_top">Ant Development Mailing List</a></p>
<p>A searchable archive can be found at <a href=""
target="_top"></a>. Other archives will be documented online
at <a href="" target="_top">Mailing Lists