Apache Ant

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  1. 104244f Fix testCompatibility.sh to allow space in PATH env variable by Jaikiran Pai · 7 days ago master
  2. fc82dd1 bz-63850 junitlaucher legacy-xml: don't lose exception from @BeforeAll by Marc Guillemot · 5 weeks ago
  3. c9b697a Wrong default in the "tar" task manual by twogee · 7 weeks ago
  4. b6143ef Support the SSH configuration file (~/.ssh/config) in the sshexec, sshsession and scp tasks by Emmanuel Bourg · 7 weeks ago
  5. cd17a66 Merge branch 'PR-104' by Jan Matèrne · 7 weeks ago
  6. 7aa2473 Use newer JDK 8 version to test compatibility by Jaikiran Pai · 7 weeks ago
  7. 7b0e855 bz-63874 Fix regression introduced by commit "Use commandline argument file for all options, but -J, for case javac" by sergiys · 7 weeks ago
  8. 5334942 bz-62617 Move the log message to the right place by Jaikiran Pai · 7 weeks ago
  9. add1b33 Correct a typo by Hassan C · 7 weeks ago
  10. 1b42c23 Made some variable names more consistent with the other parts of the code. by Yusuke Shinyama · 7 weeks ago
  11. 1bfa788 bz-62617 tstamp task - Honor SOURCE_DATE_EPOCH to allow reproducible builds by Jaikiran Pai · 7 weeks ago
  12. 8511719 I've broken output to files that don't exist before running sshexec by Stefan Bodewig · 8 weeks ago
  13. 8a231f6 remove typo and duplicate code by Michael Seele · 8 weeks ago
  14. a7a1906 bz-63827 Minor change by Jaikiran Pai · 9 weeks ago
  15. 02ffb25 bz-63827 Print out stacktrace in "legacy-xml" when the test is aborted too by Jaikiran Pai · 9 weeks ago
  16. 23a3665 bz-63827 Print out the stacktrace when writing out the XML from "legacy-xml" formatter of junitlauncher by Jaikiran Pai · 9 weeks ago
  17. 26b8a01 Merge branch '1.9.x' by Stefan Bodewig · 2 months ago
  18. ab6b3e4 bad indentation and missing heading by Stefan Bodewig · 2 months ago 1.9.x
  19. 99ef834 adapt runant.py to Python3 by Stefan Bodewig · 2 months ago
  20. 451ecde Send FQDN instead of simple hostname in SMTP HELO command by mguessan@free.fr · 3 months ago