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Apache Ambari is a web-based tool for provisioning, managing, and monitoring Apache Hadoop clusters. The set of
Hadoop components that are currently supported by Ambari includes:
* {{{} Apache Hadoop - HDFS}}
* {{{} Apache Hadoop - MapReduce}}
* {{{} Apache Hive}}
* {{{} Apache HCatalog}}
* {{{} Apache HBase}}
* {{{} Apache Zookeeper}}
* {{{} Apache Oozie}}
* {{{} Apache Pig}}
* {{{} Apache Sqoop}}
Ambari enables System Administrators to:
* Provision a Hadoop Cluster
* Ambari provides an easy-to-use, step-by-step wizard for installing Hadoop services across any number of hosts.
* Ambari handles configuration of Hadoop services for the cluster.
* Manage a Hadoop Cluster
* Ambari provides central management for starting, stopping, and reconfiguring Hadoop services across the entire cluster.
* Monitor a Hadoop Cluster
* Ambari provides a dashboard for monitoring health and status of the Hadoop cluster.
* Ambari leverages {{{} Ganglia}} for metrics collection.
* Ambari leverages {{{} Nagios}} for system alerting and will send emails when your attention is needed (e.g., a node goes down, remaining disk space is low, etc).
Ambari Source
Follow the {{{./1.2.0/installing-hadoop-using-ambari/content/index.html} installation guide for 1.2.0 (stable)}} or check out the work going on in {{{./whats-new.html} trunk}} for the upcoming 1.2.1 release.
* Support for additional Operating Systems
* Ambari currently supports 64-bit RHEL/CentOS 5 + 6 and SLES 11
* RESTful API for integration
* Ambari will expose a unified, RESTful API to enable third-party applications to integrate
Hadoop cluster management and monitoring capabilities (1.2.0)
* Granular configurations
* Ambari currently applies service configurations at the cluster-level. For more
flexibility, Ambari will allow for configurations in a more granular manner, such as
applying a set of configurations to a specific group of hosts.
* Security
* Installation of secure Hadoop clusters (Kerberos-based)
* Role-based user authentication, authorization, and auditing
* Support for LDAP and Active Directory (1.2.0)
* Visualization
* Interactive visualization of the current state of the cluster for a number of key metrics (1.2.0)
* Interactive visualization of historical states of the cluster for a number of key metrics
* Interactive visualization of Pig, Hive, and MapReduce jobs (1.2.0)