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  1. 40e2680 AMBARI-17822: Create AMBARI_INFRA service definition [move out SOLR from Log Search] (jluniya) by Jayush Luniya · 12 months ago trunk
  2. 957189c AMBARI-17964. Hive Ranger plug in broken after upgrade to HDP 2.4.0 (dlysnichenko) by Lisnichenko Dmitro · 12 months ago
  3. 48c895a AMBARI-17963 Hide remove NameNode buttons for assign Hive Interactive popup. (ababiichuk) by ababiichuk · 12 months ago
  4. b5f039d AMBARI-17959 hadoop.security.* properties should not be set in hive-site.xml (hive-interactive-site) (dsen) by Dmytro Sen · 12 months ago
  5. b8b29c5 AMBARI-17958. Ranger smart config tabs are broken for HDP 2.2 installation (akovalenko) by Aleksandr Kovalenko · 12 months ago
  6. 80c53da AMBARI-17957. Remove Falcon UI Quick Link (alexantonenko) by Alex Antonenko · 12 months ago
  7. 3cbd29f AMBARI-17946 - Initial Upgrade Checks Can Fail With ConcurrentModificationException (jonathanhurley) by Jonathan Hurley · 12 months ago
  8. ad24dda AMBARI-17908. Ensure the supplied hostname is a valid hostname when signing agent-side host certs (rlevas) by Robert Levas · 12 months ago
  9. 296365a AMBARI-17906 Atlas has Critical WEB alert after adding to a secure cluster (dsen) by Dmytro Sen · 12 months ago
  10. 512ede2 AMBARI-17950. Fix the 'Hive Metastore' password getting exposed in Hive2 client's hive-site.xml. by Swapan Shridhar · 12 months ago
  11. 00f454d AMBARI-17835 Maximum validation failure for 'yarn.scheduler.maximum-allocation-mb' after dependency change (dsen) by Dmytro Sen · 12 months ago
  12. 9982462 AMBARI-17941 : changed error message to debug as these errors can be ignored while upgrade (nitirajrathore) by Nitiraj Rathore · 12 months ago
  13. 940cbb8 AMBARI-17939. Validations are missing for HDFS properties recommended by HAWQ. (adenissov) by Alexander Denissov · 12 months ago
  14. de5d68a AMBARI-17864. [Grafana] Add Storm Dashboards. (Prajwal Rao via yusaku) by Yusaku Sako · 12 months ago
  15. 7757125 AMBARI-17888. Create configuration flag to prevent changing of directory permissions. Unit test fix. by Siddharth Wagle · 12 months ago
  16. 295e8de AMBARI-17935. EU to HDP 2.5 failed since config type 'sqoop-atlas-application.properties' has not been created (alejandro) by Alejandro Fernandez · 12 months ago
  17. 3feae3d AMBARI-17747: EU/RU Kafka should come right after ZK instead of before Atlas, fix role command order by Nahappan Somasundaram · 12 months ago
  18. 176690d AMBARI-17936 Log search tab seems to be visible for all user roles (zhewang) by Zhe (Joe) Wang · 12 months ago
  19. cdc268f AMBARI-17948. User is able to create widget with no metrics included (alexantonenko) by Alex Antonenko · 12 months ago
  20. 7f47039 Revert "AMBARI-17694. Kafka listeners property does not show SASL_PLAINTEXT protocol when Kerberos is enabled (Anita Jebaraj via rlevas)" by Sumit Mohanty · 12 months ago