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Ambari Change Log
- Committers should be listed using their login and non-committers
should be listed by their full name.
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- Put latest commits first in each section.
Trunk (unreleased changes):
AMBARI-1704. Add ability for host components to provide their current actual configs. (ncole)
AMBARI-1422. Allow client to specify a "context" value for asynchronous requests (jspeidel)
AMBARI-1599. Add ability to report actual configuration applied to a host. (ncole)
AMBARI-1406. Provide API support for including query string in http message body. (jspeidel)
AMBARI-1592. Change how configurations are propagated (ncole)
AMBARI-1593. Change host override JSON to include version tag (ncole)
AMBARI-1568. Update the version of ambari artifacts to 1.3.0 snapshot (ncole)
AMBARI-1553. List cluster-level configurations with host-level, if any (ncole)
AMBARI-1528. Upgrade request support at Ambari. (Sumit Mohanty via swagle)
AMBARI-1541. Upgrade task support in agent. (Sumit Mohanty via swagle)
AMBARI-1540. Reassign Master Wizard - Steps 3 and 4 (reconfigure
component and review). (yusaku)
AMBARI-1538. Stack Upgrade Wizard - Step 3 (Progress and Retry). (yusaku)
AMBARI-1509. Frontend: For service configurations provide ability to
enter host level exceptions (srimanth)
AMBARI-1508. Introduce a new section "Capacity scheduler" under MapReduce
Service in step7 (Configure services) of Installer and Service
Reconfig. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1490. Implement initial layout for "Add security" wizard. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1483. Reassign Master Wizard - Step 2. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1482. Reassign Master Wizard - Step 1. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1481. Stack Upgrade Wizard - Step 2 (confirm and check all master
components are running). (yusaku)
AMBARI-1469. Allow user to add multiple HBase masters in Install Wizard.
AMBARI-1468. Stack Upgrade Wizard - Step 1 (show services and versions).
AMBARI-1459. Add Admin > Cluster page. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1454. Service page: add "Reassign <Master Component>" action items
to "Maintenance" pulldown. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1349. Expose host-specific Nagios alerts in Ambari Web. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1294. Add isEmpty() query operator support. (jspeidel)
AMBARI-1280. Support explicit predicate grouping in API queries. (jspeidel)
AMBARI-1180. Display host check status results given by the agent as part
of host registration. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1252. Fetch Nagios alerts through Ambari Server and not directly
from Nagios Server. (srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1237. Expose Nagios alerts via Rest API. (Nate Cole via jspeidel)
AMBARI-1163. During agent registration and heartbeat, send information about
various hadoop artifacts back to Ambari. (Nate Cole via mahadev)
AMBARI-1194. API support for cascade delete of a specified cluster
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1255. Make the agent hostname determination scriptable.
AMBARI-1267. Store example Hive Queries somewhere in Ambari that's easily
accessible for demo/test purposes. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1447. Report current Stack version for all host components.
(Sumit Mohanty via mahadev)
AMBARI-2110. Update hive-site.xml, set fs.file.impl.disable.cache=true.
AMBARI-2070. Changing service directories should popup a confirmation/warning
dialog upon save. (yusaku)
AMBARI-2061. HBase Heatmaps: clean up labels and units. (yusaku)
AMBARI-2042. Update Ambari logo. (yusaku)
AMBARI-2040. Customize Services page: reduce padding to prevent tabs from
wrapping. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1388. Document management API. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-2030. Make frontend changes to account for the host component status
UNKNOWN. (yusaku)
AMBARI-2028. Customize Services: make the services display consistent.
AMBARI-2027. Add validation checks for Add Property on custom site configs.
AMBARI-2017. Admin Misc page tweaks. (yusaku)
AMBARI-2022. Service Component metric collection API takes over a minute
on large cluster. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-2005. When adding a component to a host (after cluster deployment),
UI should warn that nagios server need to be restarted. (yusaku)
AMBARI-2004. Background Operation Popup needs label/styling fixes.
AMBARI-2003. Hosts tab: clicking on red badge should not toggle "Alerts"
filter. (yusaku)
AMBARI-2002. Dashboard: remove "Version" row from HDFS, MapReduce, and
HBase dashboard summary. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1982. Disallow editing Hadoop log/PID directories post install.
AMBARI-1981. Expose ability to customize the username for running
Ganglia daemons. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1987. Add unit tests for admin/cluster page and cluster loading.
AMBARI-1929. Make the default stack and version configurable via mvn build.
AMBARI-1967. Add smoke test user customization toggle via App.supports.
AMBARI-1964. Add ability to toggle on/off assigning masters for new hosts
being added via Add Host wizard. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1958. Update alert icon legend on Hosts page. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1955. Add ability to turn on/off HUE support. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1941. Create a flag to toggle the support for multiple
HBase Masters. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1940. Create a flag to toggle the support for additional database
support in Hive and Oozie. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1928. Make experimental Ambari Web features toggleable
via mvn build. (yusaku via jaimin)
AMBARI-1906. Make experimental Ambari Web features toggleable
(turned on/off via config file). (yusaku via jaimin)
AMBARI-1905. Test mode is broken. (yusaku via jaimin)
AMBARI-1904. Update default stack version to 1.3.0. (yusaku via jaimin)
AMBARI-1921. Change tasks order in popup on deploy page. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1913. Security Wizard - "Kerberos security is disabled on the cluster"
should not be shown in red. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1403. Remove SPI dependencies on other code. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1892. Restrict user on a Disable security popup while the poccessi
is in progress. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1879. Show error message when hostname is undefined for quick_links.
AMBARI-1877. Reassign Master Wizard, Step 2: prevent proceed next without
changing target host. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1876. Capacity Scheduler: implement user/group and admin user/group
validation rules. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1864. Remove package dependency on mocha-phantomjs. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1844. Need ability to update multiple hosts in 1 PUT call.
AMBARI-1845. Server log is being flooded with log messages.
AMBARI-1825. Minor label change for the buttons to start/stop all services
in the side nav. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1824. Background operations popup: progress bar styling. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1823. Add hover tooltip for the green host health status icon in
Hosts page and Host Detail page. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1815. After modifying custom configs, properties are shown as blank,
leading to corrupt core-site.xml upon save. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1814. Refactor configurations functionality. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1809. Specify request context for Smoke test. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1808. Add ability to customize the smoke test user (frontend changes).
AMBARI-1807. Disallow $ from usernames created via Misc in Install Wizard.
AMBARI-1805. Minor text change in the Assign Masters page. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1798. Explicitly state that FQDNs need to be used when specifying
hosts to add to the cluster. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1785. Provide restart service indicator to all services. (srimanth
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1773. Integrate MySQL/Oracle options for Hive and Oozie. (Xi Wang via
AMBARI-1758. Reassign Master Wizard: Integration and hardening.
(srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1743. Stack Upgade Wizard - integrate with Ambari 1.3.0 repo.
(srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1741. Exceptions thrown when using host overrides during install.
(srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1740. Provide restart message in service config page. (srimanth via
AMBARI-1722. Frontend support for LDAP Group to Ambari Role Mapping.
(srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1718. If there is no HBase master in active status, show proper
error message. (jaimin via yusaku)
AMBARI-1701. Stack Upgrade Wizard: Integrate with API. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1700. HDFS Mirroring: Display Jobs table (refactor). (yusaku)
AMBARI-1697. UI changes on HBase service page for HBase Multi-master/HA.
AMBARI-1782. Security wizard navigation: Restrict user on step3 until
the decision of the step is reached. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1652. Background operation display enhancements. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1686. Implement Test IvoryService to functional test mirroring API.
AMBARI-1672. Security Wizard - integrate with cluster-level config API. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1669. Security Wizard UI tweaks. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1630. Expose HUE config parameters through Ambari Web. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1595. Add Oracle option for Hive Metastore during Ambari
cluster install. (Xi Wang via yusaku)
AMBARI-1632. Provide property filtering capability on service config
sections. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1631. Security Wizard - integrate host progress popup. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1604. Refactor wizard classes. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1583. Add unit tests for various Ambari Web components. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1491. Add task plots to job swimlane diagram. (billie via yusaku)
AMBARI-1584. Stack Upgrade Wizard - integrate host progress popup.
AMBARI-1581. Host progress popup - generic component for showing progress
on async operations. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1542. Provide remove, restore default, and cancel actions for
service config properties. (srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1580. Stack Upgrade Wizard - resume upon page refresh / login.
AMBARI-1578. Add host wizard - support assignment of "ZooKeeper Server"
and "HBase Master". (yusaku)
AMBARI-1546. Improve Cluster Management loading screen. (Xi Wang via yusaku)
AMBARI-1890. Add configuration to script (ncole)
AMBARI-2026. Add WebHCat to live status checks. (ncole)
AMBARI-1975. Add Clover coverage (ncole)
AMBARI-1537. Constrain the width of all wizard popups. (Xi Wang via yusaku)
AMBARI-1536. Hosts page layout fixes. (Xi Wang via yusaku)
AMBARI-1502. Add the ability to assign configuration to a cluster. (Nate Cole via tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1505. Hosts page: add filtering by host status. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1496. Make all service properties reconfigurable. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1477. Improve performance for App.statusMapper. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1484. Reintroduce client-side paging for Hosts table. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1473. Further optimization of querying host information from the
server. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1472. Update HBase service/host health status. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1471. Refactor ajax calls. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1461. Optimize query for getting service and host component status back
from the server. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1460. Optimize query call for retrieving host information. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1470. Refactor confirmation popups. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1414. Expose fine grained HDFS capacity metrics in API. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1444. Make install, service & host configuration pages reuse same
configuration code. (srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1457. Improve Job Diagnostics. (Billie Rinaldi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1453. Move Ambari Web application config from initialize.js to
another config file. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1450. Remove hard-coded stack version. (yusaku)
AMABRI-1458. Externalize strings from views to messages.js. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1437. Update stack version. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1429. Update API docs. (jspeidel)
AMBARI-1430. Increase UI timeout for long running API operations. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1427. Add ability to increase the time range for the zoomed-in graphs
beyond last one hour. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1375. Remove text from templates (main). (jaimin)
AMBARI-1374. Add filter by alerts on the Hosts page. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1373. Since there is the ability to log in to Ambari Web as
different users the current user should be indicated. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1366. Nagios alert tweaks. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1365. Make Hosts table update dynamically. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1361. Install progress dialog WARN icon + color. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1347. Expose host-level alerts via nagios_alerts.php with associated
service component names. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1348. Externalize strings to messages.js. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1342. Hive client is not installed on Nagios server host.
AMBARI-1341. Add Hosts: update the API call for new operator precedence.
AMBARI-1340. Enhance Install/Start/Test progress display. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1339. Validate usernames in Misc section of Customize Services step
in Install Wizard. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1335. Show validation error when the user specifies target hosts that
are already part of the cluster. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1337. Refactor Job Browser filter. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1336. Externalize text to messages.js. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1334. Show hosts that have failed install tasks as "red" to allow the
user to easily identify source of failure. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1333. Add username validation for Ambari local users. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1329. Adjust job browser column sizing. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1327. Add Hosts. Remove existig hosts display. (Alexandr Antonenko via jspeidel)
AMBARI-1326. Remake clearFilters function in app_view (part 3). (srimanth)
AMBARI-1305. Make sure that Ambari Web renders all elements correctly when
the browser width is 1024px or narrower (refactor). (Arun Kandregula via
AMBARI-1312. Remake clearFilters function in app_view (part2). (Arun Kandregula
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1309. Remove all text from Apps views, controllers, templates to
messages.js. (Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1308. Properly display Apps page aggregate summary and data table when
there are no data to be show. (Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1306. Change color of rack_local_map to #66B366. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1311. Host health indicator should have a tooltip showing few details -
refactoring. (Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1303. Remake clearFilters function in app_view. (Arun Kandregula via
AMBARI-1302. Minor label cleanup on Jobs Charts popup. (Arun Kandregula via
AMBARI-1296. Task log popup footer should be statically placed only the
content should scroll vertically. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1295. Move cluster name display from the main nav to the top nav.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1268. Improve DAG UI. (billie via yusaku)
AMBARI-1289. App page: remove old ode and fix test mode. (srimanth via
AMBARI-1279. Make sure that Ambari Web renders all elements correctly when
the browser width is 1024px or narrower. (srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1274. Shrink top nav height. (srimanth)
AMBARI-1272. Controller javascripts need comments. (srimanth)
AMBARI-1271. On Confirm Hosts page, add a link to show the Host Checks popup
in the success message. (yusaku via srimanth)
AMBARI-1193. If Install fails, allow user to go back to any previous step so
that the user can retry install with different configuration parameters.
(yusaku via srimanth)
AMBARI-1265. Job Browser - Filter by Input, output and duration. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1263. Refactoring of User Management code. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1254. Modify App Browser to use server-side paging/sorting/filtering.
AMBARI-1258. Minor refactoring of User Management code. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1253. Use ember-precompiler-brunch npm plugin. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1236. Display a progress bar during deploy prep. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1249. Update mock data to make App.testMode work. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1239. Host health status should show orange when there is at least one
slave component on the host with state!=STARTED. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1248. Refactoring of update, services and hosts mapper. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1247. Disable links for previous steps in left nav on Summary step.
AMBARI-1246. Add user minor improvements. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1245. Do not let the user go back to the previous step while host
bootstrap is in progress. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1244. Install Options - line up the Target Hosts section with the rest
of the page. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1235. Host health indicator should have a tooltip showing details.
AMBARI-1234. On Heatmap host hover, including list of components running.
AMBARI-1229. Dashboard - make disk usage pie chart in HDFS summary easier
to understand. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1228. During Install, show "warn" on hosts that have tasks cancelled.
AMBARI-1225. Add Hosts wizard popup is too small. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1224. Drop the "all" option from Hosts > Component Filter and
Jobs > Users Filter. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1223. Confirm Hosts page: It looks like hosts disappear if you are
on "Fail" filter and click on "Retry Failed" button. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1222. DAG, Jobs Timeline, and Tasks graphs UI cleanup. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1221. There is no default sort order on Hosts table and the order
changes on every page refresh - should sort by hostname. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1220. Oozie service summary update. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1218. Refactor Job Browser User filter. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1217. Tighten up spacing for the rows in the Hosts table. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1216. Add filters module. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1215. Refactor hostComponent isSlaves and isMaster and add update
methods for server mapper. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1214. In any starts fails, "warn" the host and the overall install.
AMBARI-1204. Install Wizard: Re-enable configuration of user/group names for
master component daemons. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1197. Refactor code for graphs. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1196. Automatically update host-level popup info/logs. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1189. Add App.Job class. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1188. Refactor isClient computed property for HostComponent class.
AMBARI-1186. Add Run class to represent a job run. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1185. Refactor the method to check if the user is an admin.
AMBARI-1183. Directories in the service config textarea should not wrap.
AMBARI-1182. Clean up table header UI for sorting and filter clear "x" for
Jobs table. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1181. Clean up table header UI for sorting and filter clear "x" for
Hosts table. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1198. Ambari API Performance: Parsing of Ganglia json data is slow.
(jspeidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-1213. Cleanup python test cases and introduce third party library for
mock testing python code. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1206. Expose missing metrics on host components. (tbeerbower via
AMBARI-1205. Cannot persist service configuration when service is started
(Siddharth Wagle via mahadev)
AMBARI-1262. Apache Ambari point to dev url, need fix in pom.xml.
AMBARI-1207. Remove /hdp as the httpd conf for any of the nagios urls -
should replace it with ambarinagios or something else.
AMBARI-1277. Failing build due to url moved on Suse. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1288. Change "authorization" to "authentication" in props setup for
LDAP. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1269. Refactor ResourceProvider SPI. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1270. Add predicate objects for checking empty resource category.
AMBARI-1286. Set version number property in gsInstaller cluster resource
provider. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1287. Monitor for component/service state for gsInstaller resource provider. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1260. Remove hard coded JMX port mappings. (Siddharth Wagle via
AMBARI-1411. Missing unit test coverage for resource providers. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1433. Allow capacity scheduler to be configurable via the API's.
AMBARI-1435. L2 Cache does not work due to Eclipse Link exception.
(Sid Wagle via mahadev)
AMBARI-1436. Threads blocking on ClustersImpl.getHost for several minutes.
(Sid Wagle via mahadev)
AMBARI-1438. Add new stack definition for new stacks. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1448. Enabling stack upgrade via Ambari Server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1439. rrd file location should be read from global config. (Siddharth
Wagle via mahadev).
AMBARI-1357. Smoke Tests failing on secure cluster. (Siddharth Wagle via
AMBARI-1343. Service Check fails after secure install due to wrong kinit
path. (Siddharth Wagle via mahadev)
AMBARI-1465. Minimize Read and Write locks for createHosts. (Siddharth Wagle
via mahadev)
AMBARI-1466. Optimize ganglia rrd script to be able to respond within
reasonable time to queries made by the UI. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1474. Upgrade stack definition for HBase for 1.2.2 since the version
is upgraded. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1475. Update the version of ambari artifacts to 1.2.2 snapshot.
AMBARI-1489. Add hadoop-lzo to be one of the rpms to check for before
installation. (mahadev)
AMBARI-2336. Datanode start failed (with Oracle DB) due to RCA setup.
AMBARI-2124. Hive client is not getting reconfigured when it is co-hosted
with hive server/metastore. (swagle)
AMBARI-2072. Fix to remove actual_configs from cluster response. (ncole)
AMBARI-2036. Fix to send global configs with status_commands to agents. (ncole)
AMBARI-2025. Fix to restrict how UNKNOWN is assigned to a host-component. (ncole)
AMBARI-2013. Fix to delete cluster with components in unknown state. (ncole)
AMBARI-1977. Honor service configs when there are no matching cluster configs (ncole)
AMBARI-1976. When host expires, update each component for host with unknown state. (ncole)
AMBARI-1980. Fix for nagios_alerts element when there is an error. (ncole)
AMBARI-1865. Fix for upgrade script to copy configurations. (ncole)
AMBARI-1703. Fix for smoke tests getting configurations. (ncole)
AMBARI-1678. Fix when there are no service overrides. (ncole)
AMBARI-1655. DELETE is not successful against ClusterStateEntity (ncole)
AMBARI-1627. Fix to remove host configuration overrides. (ncole)
AMBARI-1592. Fix configuration propagation.
AMBARI-1619. Fix for category path separators.
AMBARI-1612. Parameterizing nagios and ganglia monitoring rpm version.
(Ashish Singh via yusaku)
AMBARI-1586. Upgrade of Ambari DB on upgrade to 1.2.2 should restore/keep
the configuration data for MAPREDUCE. (Sumit Mohanty via swagle)
AMBARI-1594. Ambari UI shows failed services while processes are running
on the server. (swagle)
AMBARI-1582. Cannot start hadoop services after hdfs re-configuration
and amabri server restart. (swagle)
AMBARI-1570. Dashboard - missing translations. (Xi Wang via yusaku)
AMBARI-1569. Add AMBARI-1536 and 1537 back. (Xi Wang via yusaku)
AMBARI-1579. Admin page side nav does not use the correct style and does
not highlight selection. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1552. Missing translations on Dashboard. (Xi Wang via yusaku)
AMBARI-1549. Cluster name displayed incorrectly in the top nav. (Xi Wang
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1559. Jobs failed count always returns 0 in the jobtracker API metrics.
AMBARI-1577. Apply stage of security wizard throws javascript error
for loadStep function. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1575. Service should be shown red when any of its master component
is in START_FAILED status. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1565. Ambari server throws EntityExistsException on transitioning
from INIT to INSTALLED state. (Sumit Mohanty via swagle)
AMBARI-1564. TestActionManager is failing on master branch. (swagle)
AMBARI-1561. API should return nagios_alerts as a JSON, not a
stringified JSON. (swagle)
AMBARI-1492. Add init.d scripts for Ambari server + agent. (swagle)
AMBARI-1548. Implement Stacks API using the consistent API framework in
Ambari Server with all the get/predicates working. (swagle)
AMBARI-1544. AmbariManagementControllerTest has extra import that cannot
be resolved. (swagle)
AMBARI-1539. Stage creation takes on an average 1.5 minutes on large
cluster. (swagle)
AMBARI-1485. Server throws exception when trying to stop a service which is
in stopping state. (swagle)
AMBARI-1526. State fields are not returned by default for services.
AMBARI-1527. Allow loading of custom configurations in
step7 : "Customize Services" (regression). (jaimin)
AMBARI-1525. file has an invalid character causing
ambari-server setup to fail. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1524. Service summary for Hive does not display clients properly.
AMBARI-1520. Alerts take around 20-30 seconds to show up everytime you
refresh the dashboad. (srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1523. Ambari API: Resources doesn't always honor partial response
fields restrictions. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1519. Ambari Web goes back and forth between frozen and usable state
peridocially on a large cluster. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1499. Add hosts is broken. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1501. Nagios alerts do not update automatically. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1503. Ajax call sometimes adds multiple question marks in the query
causing bad requests. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1463. State of HBase region server not updated when instance is shut
down on a cluster not installed via Ambari. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1494. Browser memory consumption issues. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1480. Comparison predicate should account for null values. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1467. UI should block on cluster metric api call before making
subsequent one. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1462. PB (petabytes) is shown as "undefined". (yusaku)
AMBARI-1455. Setting App.testMode=true, alwaysGoToInstaller=true does not
render the Dashboard properly upon login. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1452. Graphs look broken when network connectivity is lost between
Ambari Web and Ambari Server. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1441. Validation for username used in service configs is broken.
AMBARI-1456. Cannot proceed after bootstrapping in some cases due to a
run-time error while running host checks. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1449. Failure popup shown for reconfiguring HDFS when MapReduce
is not selected. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1445. Redirect to main app page when testMode flag is set True and
alwaysGoToInstaller flag is set False. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1439. rrd file location should be configurable through UI. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1479. Query Lexer sometimes fails to properly parse query strings with
ignored properties such as 'fields' present. (jspeidel)
AMBARI-1446. URL used by API to invoke Ganglia rrd script may exceed max length
for query string for large clusters. (jspeidel)
AMBARI-1431. Hosts table no longer allows sorting. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1376. Wrong calculation of duration filter on apps page. (jaimin via
AMBARI-1165. Change the dashboard graph for HBase since its using cumulative
metrics. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1372. three sorting states on jobs table. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1350. UI screen shifts left-right depending on scrollbar. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1367. Job# for Mapreduce jobs is seen as x. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1363. Graphs jump around upon loading. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1362. Alerts for the hosts with ZooKeeper Server grows on every poll. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1360. Mouse cursor hover behavior is strange on Job Browser. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1359. App Browser rows colours should alternate from dark grey to light
grey and back. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1356. Error in filtering Configuration properties maintained at UI for
WebHcat service. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1352. Host-level alert badges should only show the total number
of CRIT and WARN alerts for the host excluding OK. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1355. Inconsistent casing and component name for alert title. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1354. "No alerts" badge on the Host Detail page should be green, not red. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1353. "Missing translation" shown in Job Browser. (jaimin)
AMBARI-1351. Provide consistent ordering of hosts in heatmap. (jaimin)
AMBARI_1344. mapred.tasktracker.reduce.tasks.maximum in mapred-site.xml is not
taking effect. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1345. Alerts are not showing up at all in Service pages. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1346. The number of task trackers does not reflect the actual number
in MapReduce service summary after new TaskTrackers have been added until
page refresh. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1331. Step 8 hangs on deploy task 2 of 59, server has exception (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1164. Disk info ganglia metrics is broken for some OS. (Dmytro Shkvyra via jspeidel)
AMBARI-1325. Left border is missing from the main nav. (srimanth)
AMBARI-1324. Job Browser default sort order should be Run Date DESC. (srimanth)
AMBARI-1323. Job Browser's column sizing needs to be improved on Firefox. (srimanth)
AMBARI-1321. Switching out of Jobs page does not launch popup anymore.
(srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1313. Alert time jumps between 'less than a minute ago' and 'about a
minute ago'. (srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1304. When switching jobs in timeline + tasks charts, blank charts show.
(Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1317. Deploy progress returns to deploy screen (momentarily).
(Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1316. Vertical scrollbar shows regardless of how tall the browser height
is (content height is always slightly taller than viewport). (Arun Kandregula
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1315. Inconsistent error/warning status in Deploy step; install
stalls. (Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1281. Heatmap does not show up if the cluster was installed by going
back to a previous step from the Deploy step after an install failure.
AMBARI-1300. Service status / host component status can get stuck in the
green blinking state if stop fails - no further operation can be performed.
(srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1297. Edit User: if "old password" is not specified and "new
password" is specified, password update silently fails. (Jaimin Jetly via
AMBARI-1282. Admin user can lose its own admin privilege. (Jaimin Jetly
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1292. Add hosts should skip host checks on existing list of cluster
nodes. (srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1290. Left border is missing from the summary section on Jobs page.
(srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1278. Cannot proceed from Step 3 to Step 4 in App.testMode (Next
button is disabled). (srimanth)
AMBARI-1276. Job Graphs need to show x-axis ticks for elapsed time since
submission. (srimanth)
AMBARI-1275. Incorrect displaying "Background operations" window after
changing state of component. (srimanth)
AMBARI-1273. Edit User: No error message is shown when the user does not
enter the correct "old password". (srimanth)
AMBARI-1172. Alert status change does not change time for the alerts.
(srimanth via yusaku)
AMBARI-1264. Service graphs refresh with spinners. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1257. Separator missing in between Oozie and ZooKeeper. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1251. Fix routing issues on Add Host Wizard. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1230. There is a big gap in the lower part of the Jobs table header.
AMBARI-1212. After successful install with Ambari, the user is taken to the
welcome page of the Install Wizard upon browser relaunch if the HTTP session
is expired. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1227. Host-level task popup is not showing the display name for
components. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1226. On Dashboard, links to host components are missing. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1219. After adding hosts, the number of live TaskTrackers is not
updated. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1176. In some cases, once Add Hosts wizard has run once, it requires
a log out before the Add Hosts wizard can be run again. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1203. mapred-site.xml default system directory is not set
to /mapred/system. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1200. On some clusters, Nagios alerts show up about 30 seconds after
page load, while on others the alerts show up immediately. (srimanth via
AMBARI-1190. Detailed log view dialogs are not center-aligned. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1187. Dashboard > MapReduce mini chart sometimes shows partial graph and hides recent data. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1184. After adding hosts, the host count shown in the Dashboard is
incorrect. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1178. Fix use of use ip address for JMX metrics request. (tbeerbower
via mahadev)
AMBARI-1191. Datatable API needs work. (Billie Rinaldi via mahadev)
AMBARI-1211. Ability to configure the same username for all the services in
Ambari. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1231. Replace sudo with su in the ambari setup script since ambari
server setup is already run as root. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1201. Improve Agent Registration and Heartbeat json. (Nate Cole via
AMBARI-1238. AmbariMetaInfoTest getServices() acceptance test failure.
(Siddharth Wagle via mahadev)
AMBARI-1243. Remove unwanted import causing the builds to fail on linux.
AMBARI-1233. Directory permissions on httpd /var/www/cgi-bin should not be
touched by Ambari. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1170. For live status checks we should only look at the run
directories that we get from the server (only for hadoop and its eco system)
and not all. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1250. Upgrade the posgres connector to 9.1.
AMBARI-1259. Fix the host roles live status not go back to INSTALLED if it
was in START_FAILED state. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1210. Allow capacity scheduler to be attached to host role configs for
CS configurability in the API's. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1256. Host registration can fail due to mount point info not fitting
ambari.hosts::disks_info column. (Sumit Mohanty via mahadev)
AMBARI-1266. Agent checks packages as part of host check but doesn't tell
which ones are needed or conflicting. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1291. Incorrect directory for MySQL component on SLES-11.1sp1.
AMBARI-1301. Live status checks dont get triggered on server restart.
AMBARI-1285. Some host Ganglia metrics may be missing in some cases. (tbeerbower)
AMBARI-1310. Get rid of mvn warnings. (Arun Kumar via mahadev)
AMBARI-1314. Hostname test is failing in some environments. (Nate Cole via
AMBARI-1330. Cluster missing hosts after successful install and restart.
AMBARI-1358. Clean up alert messages. (Yusaku Sako via mahadev)
AMBARI-1432. Ambari Agent registration hangs due to Acceptor bug in Jetty for
not reading through accepted connections. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1434. Change state to installed from start_failed if there is any
issue in starting a host component. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1476. Change to export HADOOP_HOME
AMBARI-1486. Fix TestHostName to take care of issues when gethostname and
getfqdn do not match. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1495. Out of Memory Issues on Ambari Server when server is running on
single core. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1487. Fix alerts at host level if MapReduce is not selected not to
alert for tasktrackers not running. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1488. Nagios script causes unwanted Datanode logs. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1497. Fix start up option for ambari-server where there is a missing
space. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1498. Hive service check fails on secure HDP cluster. (Siddharth Wagle
via mahadev)
AMBARI-1299. Bootstrap can hang indefinitely. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1547. Fix ambari agent test cases that are failing due to missing
directory. (mahadev)
AMBARI-1.2.0 branch:
AMBARI-1108. PUT call to change the state on host_components collection
returns 200 (no op), even though GET with the same predicate returns a number
of host_components. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1114. BootStrap fails but the api says thats its done and exit status
is 0. (Nate Cole via mahadev)
AMBARI-1136. Add gsInstaller resource provider. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1202. Unncessary use of xml tree python library in ambari-server
setup. Its not being used. (Siddharth Wagle via mahadev)
AMBARI-1613. ConfigurationResourceProvider doesn't properly handle OR
predicate. (jspeidel)
AMBARI-1179. ambari-web does not compile due to less-brunch package update.
AMBARI-1126. Change SUSE lzo dependency to only lzo-devel. (nate cole via
AMBARI-666 branch:
AMBARI-1147. Handling Hive/HCat/WebHCat configuration parameters with
Ambari Web. (yusaku)
AMBARI-946. Support retrieving information for multiple requests.
(hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-1065. Provide Datanode decommission & recommission capability in UI.
(Srimanth Gunturi via mahadev)
AMBARI-985. Support OR in API query. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1029. Add api support for updating multiple host_component resources
for multiple hosts in a single request. (John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-1018. Add API support for creating multiple sub-resources to
multiple resources in a single request. (John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-950. Provide API support for 'OR' predicate. (John Speidel via
AMBARI-935. Provide API support for updates of multiple resources in a
single request. (John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-926. Provide API support for asynchronous requests.
(John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-1054. Implement retrying of bootstrap on confirm host page.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1048. Integrate slave configuration parameters with respective
service on step7 of installer wizard. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1031. Check for host registration at step3 of installer wizard
and retrieve information for RAM and no. of cores. (Jaimin Jetly via
AMBARI-1022. Integrate Heatmap UI to backend API. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1015. Create HBase summary section in Dashboard & Service
pages. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1014. Hook service summary sections in service pages to API.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1008. Populate dashboard>MapReduce section with API data.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1006. Populate dashboard>HDFS section with API data.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1004. Allow properties entered in custom config
(ex: hdfs-site.xml) to override existing or create new properties.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1002. Integrate Installer with config APIs. (Jaimin Jetly
via yusaku)
AMBARI-989. Show task logs for each host in the Deploy step of the
wizard. (yusaku)
AMBARI-976. Hook HDFS/MapReduce/HBase/Host graphs to backend API
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-964. Implement summary page of installer wizard. (Jaimin Jetly
via yusaku)
AMBARI-974. Decommissioning of datanodes. (Jitendra Pandey via mahadev)
AMBARI-975. Fix support for cascading updates to configs. (Hitesh Shah
via mahadev)
AMBARI-971. Add api support for creating multiple resources in a single
request. (John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-970. Add additional Ganglia metrics and JMX properties. (Tom
Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-967. Enhance predicate comparison. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-954. Support installation of Ganglia master and slaves via
Ambari Web. (yusaku)
AMBARI-980. Allow installation of various service components. (yusaku)
AMBARI-949. Provide metric graphs for individual hosts. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-948. Invoke service starts after services are installed in the
wizard. (yusaku)
AMBARI-942. Integrate Install and Start APIs with the installer wizard.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-936. Provide HBase service specific graphs. (Srimanth Gunturi
via yusaku)
AMBARI-933. Provide service-specific alerts in the service summary
pages. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-938. Hardcode service name and client component mapping while
awaiting meta data integration. (hitesh)
AMBARI-927. Provide metrics graphs on the MapReduce services page.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-916. Provide metrics graphs in HDFS services page. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-908. Add ui option to either create a Postgres database for Hive
and Oozie or choose existing database. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-915. Implement App Browser for displaying and navigating Pig/Hive
workflows. (yusaku)
AMBARI-907. Add support for getting multiple objects in controller.
AMBARI-906. Util to extract hosts for various components. (jitendra)
AMBARI-903. Various fixes for config handling integration. (Hitesh Shah via
AMBARI-900. Add configuration mapping support. (Nate Cole via mahadev)
AMBARI-895. Need name consistency for metrics. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-893. provide api support for temporal queries. (John Speidel via
AMBARI-897. Operations request object and skeleton management methods.
AMBARI-894. TestHeartBeatMonitor fails intermittently. (jitendra)
AMBARI-892. Add puppet executor at the agent to be able to run various
commands from the server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-887. Ability to save configuration. (Nate Cole via mahadev)
AMBARI-877. Refactor resource provider implementation for changes to
management interface. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-876. Put metrics under metrics category. (Tom Beerbower via
AMBARI-890. Add client library option to step6 (Assign slaves) of
installer wizard. Also add indicator and popovers for hosts with
master component. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-889. Provide cluster metric graphs on Ambari main dashboard.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-886. Support filters in controller get* apis. (hitesh)
AMBARI-880. Implement Review Page (Step 8) for the Ambari Installer
Wizard. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-872. Hookup Nagios alerts section in Ambari UI to backend
server. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-871. Integrate basic set of rest APIs with ambari-web
installer wizardi. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-884. Implement Dashboard/Service summary. (yusaku)
AMBARI-882. Group-based DataNode/TaskTracker/RegionServer overrides.
AMBARI-881. Implement Add Hosts Wizard. (yusaku)
AMBARI-869. Util to deserialize ExecutionCommand. (jitendra)
AMBARI-874. Fix hostinfo reporting at the server and add a unit test for
deserilization for the host information from agent. (mahadev)
AMBARI-873. Support for multiple objects' updates in controller. (hitesh)
AMBARI-870. Support metric types other than string (Tom Beerbower via
AMBARI-868. Clean up site.pp generation on the agent and remove the imports
in the sample site.pp. (mahadev)
AMBARI-862. API query against /clusters doesn't return any data.
(John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-866. Add ORM layer for the FSM's in the server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-853. Add more complete JMX metrics. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-852. Improve REST API functionality regarding query and partial
response (John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-865. Add unit test for action queue on the agent. (mahadev)
AMBARI-851. Hook up Ganglia property provider. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-863. Fix mvn tests to be able to run the python tests cleanly.
AMBARI-849. Stage planner implementation. (jitendra)
AMBARI-860. Remove code that adds fake stages for testing. (jitendra)
AMBARI-856. Add cluster heatmap. (yusaku)
AMBARI-855. Create the skeleton for a custom data adapter in Ambari Web.
AMBARI-854. Serve ambari-web from jetty. (Jaimin Jely via yusaku)
AMBARI-850. Flatten ExecutionCommand structure. (jitendra)
AMBARI-848. Various tests for FSM and Controller impl. (hitesh)
AMBARI-847. Run pyunit tests from maven test target and also autogenerated
openssl passphrase. (mahadev)
AMBARI-845. Fix NPE in the server to be able to run the server api's.
AMBARI-844. Mock JMX provider for manual tests. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-841. Fix comparison predicates in case where resource does not have
property value. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-833. Add missing Path annotation to rest services for
put/post/delete. (John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-838. HACK: Add a thread in server to inject requests for testing.
(Jitendra via mahadev)
AMBARI-835. Update JMXPropertyProvider. (Tom Beerbower via hitesh)
AMBARI-832. Merge ambari-api with ambari-server (mahadev)
AMBARI-822. Implement an agent simulator for unit testing. (jitendra)
AMBARI-829. Add unit tests for ResourceProviderImpl. (Tom Beerbower via
AMBARI-831. Move manifest generation into the ambari agent directory.
AMBARI-828. Manifest generation for various actions from the server.
AMBARI-827. Add clusterName to the status of the commands run by the agent.
AMBARI-824. Provide basic management functionality (create/update) in the
rest api (John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-826. Bug in processing command reports. (jitendra)
AMBARI-825. Controller layer implementation part 3. (hitesh)
AMBARI-823. Fix security filter on the server agent ports and remove
duplication on servlet contexts for certs signing. (mahadev)
AMBARI-821. Implement basic service state update and verify flow to
ActionManager. (hitesh)
AMBARI-812. In API , improve partial response support to drill down n levels
(John Spiedel)
AMBARI-791. Add unit tests and java docs for SPI code. (Tom Beerbower)
AMBARI-820. Remove JAXB dependencies in Server Agent protocol and move to
POJO based jackson serializer. (mahadev)
AMBARI-819. Management controller implemenation work. (hitesh)
AMBARI-811. Bug fix in jaxb serialization for maps. (jitendra)
AMBARI-810. Controller layer implementation part 1. (hitesh)
AMBARI-807. Fix Action scheduler tests because of fsm interface changes.
AMBARI-806. Remove State object as configs/stack version/running state are
handled as standalone entities. (hitesh)
AMBARI-805. Add requestId tracking objects for management spi. (hitesh)
AMBARI-803. FSM initial refactoring for eventual live/desired objects. (hitesh)
AMBARI-800. Hack to add a stage for testing in in-memory db. (jitendra)
AMBARI-801. Fix heartbeat message from the agent which is causing NPE at the
server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-778. Ensure data flows across all steps in installer wizard.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-799. Prototype for management spi part 3. (hitesh)
AMBARI-797. Prototype for management spi interface continued. (hitesh)
AMBARI-795. Fix failing tests for AgentResource and BootStrap. (mahadev)
AMBARI-793. Make MapReduce, Nagios, and Ganglia optional during cluster
install. (yusaku)
AMBARI-794. Add log4j properties for logging at the server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-790. OK in registration response. (jitendra)
AMBARI-787. Registration throws HostNotFoundException for new hosts. (jitendra)
AMBARI-788. Fix server and agent startup for end to end testing. (mahadev)
AMBARI-785. Action response unit test. (jitendra)
AMBARI-783. Fix guice injection in the server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-784. Add Resource download API on the server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-781. Registration unit test. (jitendra)
AMBARI-754. Heartbeat handler: Registration response should query component
status. (jitendra)
AMBARI-755. Heartbeat handler: Update state as reported in heartbeat.
AMBARI-756. Heartbeat handler: Handle heartbeat timeout. (jitendra)
AMBARI-767. Add bootstrap script to ssh in parallel and setup agents on a
list of hosts. (mahadev)
AMBARI-764. Integrate REST API (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-762. Implement Confirm Hosts page for Ambari installer
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-763. Implement Installer Step 6 (Assign Slaves). (yusaku)
AMBARI-760. Fix injection in data access objects to use guice provider.
AMBARI-759. Add puppet scripts to the agent for configuring/installing
various services and add security aspects to api's and server/agent.
AMBARI-749. Complete Java side implementation of bootstrapping agent hosts.
AMBARI-757. Implement Installer Step 4 (Select Services). (yusaku)
AMBARI-751. Re-structure servicecomponenthost fsm layout. (hitesh)
AMBARI-732. Action scheduler unit tests. (jitendra)
AMBARI-739. Cluster fsm implementation. (hitesh)
AMBARI-738. s/Node/Host/g. (hitesh)
AMBARI-737. ServiceComponentNode FSM implementation. (hitesh)
AMBARI-722. Action scheduler implementation. (jitendra)
AMBARI-733. Add Jersey Resource for BootStrapping and JAXB elements for API
entities. (mahadev)
AMBARI-730. Add unit tests for jersey apis on the server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-725. Add commandstatus/result/error objects into the rest API between
server and agent. (mahadev)
AMBARI-723. Implement Installer Welcome page and Install Options page
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-726. ORM-based data access layer for new design (Jaimin Jetly via hitesh)
AMBARI-728. Initial work on ServiceComponentNode FSM. (hitesh)
AMBARI-724. Add tabs, dynamic form generation, validation errors, and info
popovers for Customize Services page in Installer (yusaku)
AMBARI-714. Job FSM Impl and tests. (hitesh)
AMBARI-721. Remove Hardwareprofile class since its not needed anymore.
AMBARI-720. Tweak basic styles for Installer. (yusaku)
AMBARI-719. Enable Responsive Design. (yusaku)
AMBARI-716. Add back TestNodeImpl and fix memory types and disk info
serialization. (mahadev)
AMBARI-717. Starter implementation for Installer Customize Services page.
Stylize top nav and implement static footer. Stylize login page. (yusaku)
AMBARI-711. Create utility functions related to localStorage for first two
steps: cluster name and Install options. Also develop view logic with
preliminary validations for these two steps. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-715. Integrate domain objects and Rest serialized objects. (mahadev)
AMBARI-713. Initial work on Job FSM. (hitesh)
AMBARI-712. Action manager skeleton. (jitendra)
AMBARI-710. Basic registration and heartbeat protocol implementation between
the server and the agent. (mahadev)
AMBARI-709. Getting hardware info on disks/cpu/others using facter and using
it during registeration. (mahadev)
AMBARI-707. More work on Node FSM and additional tests/cleanup. (hitesh)
AMBARI-706. Basic tests for Node FSM. (hitesh)
AMBARI-705. Initial work on Node FSM. (hitesh)
AMBARI-703. Heartbeat handler classes. (jitendra)
AMBARI-702. Add skeleton for Ambari agent that talks to the server and
collects information for host. (mahadev)
AMBARI-696. Add interface for ActionManager to access live state. (hitesh)
AMBARI-698. Add a simple server and artifact generation to run a server with
a simple api check. (mahadev)
AMBARI-697. Ambari Web (browser-based UI) skeleton. (Jaimin Jetly and yusaku)
AMBARI-695. More basic class restructuring for new design. (hitesh)
AMBARI-694. Class to encapsulate stage. (jitendra)
AMBARI-691. More basic classes for new design. (hitesh)
AMBARI-693. Classes for request objects. (jitendra)
AMBARI-685. Basic classes. (hitesh via jitendra)
AMBARI-676. Seperate directory for ambari-server. (jitendra)
AMBARI-1159. Check the log/run dir locations to make sure its an abs path.
AMBARI-1156. Dashboard > HDFS pie chart should hover with details. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1154. The check boxes to check/uncheck one of the members in a multi
artifact graphs is not very readable. It should be more apparent on which
one the user clicked on. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1106. User-specified custom configs (such as hdfs-site.xml overrides)
should be persisted to maintain what the user specified.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1103. Need to be able to reliably recover from the case when the browser
is closed during deploy (Step 8 post submission, Step 9) of the wizard.
(Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1099. Hive Service Summary needs to show service components better.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1097. Restrict user to proceed ahead of step 7 (Service configuration)
when properties specified in custom-box are already exposed on the page.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1102. Error handling when errors are encountered during preparation
for deploy. (Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1096. Create heatmap legend entries for missing data/invalid hosts.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1078. Improve graph message when data is not available.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1146. Exclude hosts and include hosts config parameters need
clarification. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1074. CPU Usage chart needs better idle time display. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1072. Change text on alerts "about XX hours ago". (Srimanth Gunturi
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1145. Cluster Management refactoring. (yusaku)
AMBARI-984. Add support for exposing filesystem type for mount points
at host level. (hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-973. Ensure zookeeper service check run after zookeeper start.
(hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-965. Stop events should be handled at all valid points for safe
recovery. (hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-959. Handle passing repo information from server to agent.
(hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-951. Integrate meta data to be able to run service checks after
a start of a service. (hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-932. Add initial hooks to trigger smoke tests on service starts.
(hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-924. Rename job to action. (hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-922. Use stack name and version in fsm layer. (hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-982. Add ability to set rack info for a host.
(Nate Cole via mahadev)
AMBARI-981. Add configuration to host_component request.
(Nate Cole via mahadev)
AMBARI-931. Support for /hosts end point. (Nate Cole via mahadev)
AMBARI-912. Test case for ConfigurationService.
(Nate Cole via mahadev)
AMBARI-1021. Ambari-agent init script needs to be aware of already
running/not running agent process. (Pramod Thangali via mahadev)
AMBARI-1019. Add methods to get postgres user name/password or any
regex validated string input from user.
(Pramod Thangali via mahadev)
AMBARI-1007. Add aggregate IO stats to workflow data web service
(Pramod Thangali via mahadev)
AMBARI-1000. Use FQDN instead of hostname when registering an agent with
Ambari server. (Pramod Thangali via mahadev)
AMBARI-1066. Rename Charts section to Heatmaps. (Srimanth Gunturi via
AMBARI-1056. Expose CapacityRemaining JMX metric to NAMENODE
ServiceComponentInfo. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1055. Refactor SPI Request interface to remove PropertyId.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1049. Tune Ganglia request. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1037. Implement an efficient way to provide Ganglia data for
heatmap and other cluster visualization tools.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1001. Cluster level Network, Load, CPU and Memory metrics in API
needed for dashboard page. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-996. Expose metrics and properties for UI. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-972. Refactor resource provider implementation to move inner classes.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-943. Add Host metrics. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-929. Show HBASE_REGIONSERVER metrics. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-928. Enable end to end testing of Request and Task resources.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-925. Return RequestStatus through ClusterController.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-923. ResourceProvider changes for Request and Task resources.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-911. Implement an efficient way to provide Ganglia data for heatmap
and other cluster visualization tools. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-930. Map update to PUT and create to POST.
(John Speidel via mahadev)
AMBARI-1053. Dashboard page loads very slow due to hosts?fields=* API call
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1051. Dashboard page takes long time to load. (Srimanth Gunturi via
AMBARI-1041. Additional metrics need to be added to Heatmap UI. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1040. Cluster heatmap: green should always mean "good". (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1039. Improve Nagios alerts time display. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1036. Service Info/Quick Links do not display external hostnames.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1035. Aggregate creation of multiple services and assignment of host
to cluster. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1034. Metric Charts - display local time rather than UTC.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1033. Nagios and Ganglia links should use public host names in URLs.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1030. Metrics links in web ui should link to Ganglia UI. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1025. Display total install and start services time on summary page
and polish summary page ui. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1023. Dashboard page should handle API sending JSON as strings and
object. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1011. Create 2 missing HDFS service graphs. (Srimanth Gunturi via
AMBARI-1003. Nagios sections should use backend API to populate. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1062. Convert Apache license header comment style in Handlebars files
to Handlebars comments rather than JavaScript comments. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1061. Data loading refactoring for cluster management. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1060. Data loading for App Browser. (yusaku)
AMBARI-993. Hook up login with server authentication. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1059. Refactor cluster management. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1058. Implement data loading. (yusaku)
AMBARI-956. On unavailability of non-master components, host with least
number of master components should install all slave and client components.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-990. Refactor App Browser. (yusaku)
AMBARI-979. More refactoring of App Browser code. (yusaku)
AMBARI-947. Make it easier to test Deploy (Install, Start + Test) step
of the wizard. (yusaku)
AMBARI-978. Refactor App Browser code. (yusaku)
AMBARI-977. Refactor Wizard and Cluster Management code. (yusaku)
AMBARI-941. More refactoring of Wizards in Ambari Web. (yusaku)
AMBARI-919. Partial refactoring and consolidation of code for various
wizards. (yusaku)
AMBARI-918. Update styles in Cluster Management. (yusaku)
AMBARI-917. Update layout and flow for App Browser. (yusaku)
AMBARI-888. Add more tests for controller implementation. (hitesh)
AMBARI-891. Initial work to refactor the Wizards in Ambari Web. (yusaku)
AMBARI-883. Improve user interactions on Confirm Hosts page of the
Installer. (yusaku)
AMBARI-859. Tighten up the layout for the Install page of the Installer.
AMBARI-857. Refactor Install Options page for the Install Wizard. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1160. Cannot add a hostname that has a number next to . in it.
AMBARI-1139. Disable Misc section in Customize Services page of the Install
Wizard. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1158. Fiters are not working correctly on Hosts page. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1157. Host component operation causes lags in status/action pulldown
update. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1144. Cannot save changes to ZooKeeper configuration.
(Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1155. Change "Save and apply changes" button on configs section to
"Save". (yusaku)
AMBARI-1153. Host jams in status 'Preparing' if host name is wrong.
(Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1132. Stopping service doesn't cause blinking status until refresh.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1143. tmpfs filesystem being added to the list in the dir used by
Ambari. (Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1142. On Notification Popup, clicking "go to nagios UI" doesn't
load nagios UI. (Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1125. Graphs "degrade" over time. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1124. Boxes on services page need min height or something to keep
it from visually cutting off info. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1123. Ambari heatmaps and host information shows infinity for disk
space used. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1141. In some cases, clicking "Register and Confirm" button does
not do anything. (Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1140. Resuming deploy for Installer/Add Hosts does not work if the
browser is shut down during the start phase of deploy.
(Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1120. Key spikes in HDFS IO missing from IO summary graphs.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1119. Service Summary pages no longer show service-specific info.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1118. Dashboard > HDFS title's free capacity doesn't match summary.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1115. Host component live status is broken. (Srimanth Gunturi via
AMBARI-1113. Install Wizard: Confirm host stuck at Preparing stage.
(Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1112. Add hosts fails second time around. (Srimanth Gunturi via
AMBARI-1111. Install wizard step 9 gets stuck at 0% and other issues on
page refresh. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1110. After clicking the deploy button on the Add Hosts wizard, the
user is always taken to the Installer Wizard Step 8 upon login.
(Arun Kandregula via yusaku)
AMBARI-1152. Add Hosts wizard - Retry button does not trigger call to
backend. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1104. Webhcat configuration not setting templeton-libjars.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1151. Reconfigure fails silently; it's not firing any API calls due
to a JS error. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1098. Switching services does not update various UI elements.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1150. Installer Wizard - Retry feature in Deploy step (Step 9) is
broken. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1092. dashboard > Summary > capacity pie chart keeps changing colors.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1091. 2 parallel requests for service information resulting in JS
exception. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1090. Restrict user to apply service configuration when custom box
properties are already exposed on the management config page.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-1149. HIVE_METASTORE needs to be started as a Hive component.
AMBARI-1088. HDFS capacity chart numbers are incorrect. (Srimanth Gunturi
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1084. Heatmap displays NaN. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1081. HDFS disk capacity on dashboard is seen as negative number.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1148. Fix incorrect labels for configuration parameters. (yusaku)
AMBARI-1080. Host disk & memory graphs have incorrect values.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1077. The value for dead nodes is not getting populated on UI.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1073. Remove cluster name entry from top titlebar. (Srimanth Gunturi
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1071. Nagios alerts not updating in UI. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1063. Workflow Web Service potentially leaks DB connections upon
exceptions. (yusaku)
AMBARI-962. Update of host components fail when service name is not passed
in. (hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-945. Fix 500 errors on get resources api. (hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-944. Fixes for meta info layer. (hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-913. Fix all apis to return correctly filled status response.
(hitesh via mahadev)
AMBARI-999. RUBYLIB env variable expanding forever. (Pramod Thangali via
AMBARI-1069. HDFS Disk Capacity in HDFS Service Summary is totally off.
(Srimanth Gunturi via mahadev)
AMBARI-1068. Dashboard cluster level graphs showing only 45 minutes of data.
(Srimanth Gunturi via mahadev)
AMBARI-1067. Service > MapReduce map slots reserved / occupied are backwards.
(Srimanth Gunturi via mahadev)
AMBARI-1057. Can't reset ambari-server due to fail drop/create database DDLs.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1052. UnsupportedPropertyException thrown from update.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1050. Host metric values coming in with 0 values.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1047. Create Configuration API call is throwing 500:
UnsupportedPropertyException. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1044. API is not returning Ganglia metrics for one of the hosts
in the cluster. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1043. Updates with queries that contain non primary key fields
may update resources that don't satisfy the query.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1038. Ganglia setup does not allow for subsequent changes to the
cluster. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1027. Fix missing block metrics for NAMENODE.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1026. Resolve overlap between JMX and Ganglia metrics.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1020. Start time, end time and resolution not set correctly for call in Ganglia property. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1016. Initial API calls after Ambari Web install resulted in 500
(ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException); Ambari Web stuck at "Loading..."
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1012. Fix race condition in DefaultProviderModule.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1010. Fix extra comma in output. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1005. No Ganglia/JMX metrics data are coming through.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-997. Fix HBASE JMX properties. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-994. Host metrics API servlet not filtering on given fields.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-988. Update resource drops property values.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-969. GET on temporal data throws 500. (Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-968. Task resources not returned under request resources.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-961. Sub-resources and metrics through API are broken.
(Tom Beerbower via mahadev)
AMBARI-1046. Heatmap with no numbers on the hover. (Srimanth Gunturi via
AMBARI-1045. Service summary sections have incorrect values displayed.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1042. Heatmap UI fluctuates between white and green colors
intermittently. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1032. Host hover in cluster heatmap showing mock data. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1028. MapReduce & HDFS summaries should use ServiceComponentInfo
values. (Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1017. Alerts not showing up in Ambari UI due to model refactoring.
(Srimanth Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1013. Host metrics charts should use live data. (Srimanth Gunturi
via yusaku)
AMBARI-1009. Cluster level graphs need to use API for data. (Srimanth
Gunturi via yusaku)
AMBARI-1064. App Browser fixes. (yusaku)
AMBARI-995. Deploy logs not shown for failed tasks. (yusaku)
AMBARI-992. Logout does not clean application state properly. (yusaku)
AMBARI-957. Adding a host whose hostname is the same as the one the user
is accessing Ambari Web with breaks the Installer. (yusaku)
AMBARI-953. Fix navigation issues in installer wizard due to regression.
(Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-899. Use slf4j-api 1.5.5 rather than 1.6.6. (yusaku)
AMBARI-902. Fix ZooKeeper badge allocation logic for single host and
muliple hosts installation in step5 installer wizard. (Jaimin Jetly via
AMBARI-896. Resolve all navigation related issues for Step6 (Slave and
Client component) of installer wizard. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-914. Fix issues related to Slave Component Group in Installer.
AMBARI-909. Pass correct cluster info to Action Manager. (hitesh)
AMBARI-904. Ensure state changes only happen after actionmanager persists
actions. (hitesh)
AMBARI-905. Fix puppet site creation with flattening of execution commands
send from the server. (mahadev)
AMBARI-885. Fix miscellaneous issues related to Ambari Web. (yusaku)
AMBARI-879. Installer skips Confirm Hosts page of the wizard when testing
locally without Ambari Server. (yusaku)
AMBARI-878. Various tests for FSM, controller and state objects. (hitesh)
AMBARI-858. Installer -> Select Services page: warning popups are no longer
appearing. (yusaku)
AMBARI-846. Select Masters Page: make ZooKeeper addition/removal UI more
organized. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-840. Hitting browser refresh should not clear present step data that
had already been persisted to local DB. (Jaimin Jetly via yusaku)
AMBARI-843. Fix more null pointers for partial request objects. (hitesh)
AMBARI-842. Fix null point exception during adding of hosts to cluster. (hitesh)
AMBARI-839. Temporary fix for server start order. (hitesh)
AMBARI-837. Fix basic injection issues for controller impl. (hitesh)
AMBARI-836. Fix generation of requestId to be unique across restarts. (hitesh)
AMBARI-834. Use RoleCommand instead of ServiceComponentHostEventType for HostAction
in Controller. (hitesh)
AMBARI-830. Various fixes and tests for controller implementation. (hitesh)
AMBARI-808. Handle appropriate start/stop/install/.. events at their respective
failed states. (hitesh)
AMBARI-798. Fix import issue due to move of Predicate class. (hitesh)
AMBARI-780. Make FSM related changes for heartbeat handler. (hitesh)
AMBARI-774. Renable and fix AgentResourceTest. (mahadev)
AMBARI-773. Change Host FSM as per new requirements of heartbeat handler. (hitesh)
AMBARI-753. Fix broken compile as a result of re-factor of FSM layout. (hitesh)
AMBARI-752. Add missing license header to TestServiceComponentHostState. (hitesh)
AMBARI-718. Fix installer navigation. (yusaku)
AMBARI-684. Remove non-required dependencies from pom files (hitesh via jitendra)
AMBARI-680. Fix pom structure. (hitesh)